Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wild Frontier App Download [Reply]

Oh for the love of..

I apologize for the disappearance and lack of replies. However regrettably the bypass previously attempted to create for those who wish to install Wild Frontier was invalid. I shall be attempting again soon or correct any mistake(s) made to the last attempt. Before releasing to the public I will be forcing a test on multiple computers/iDevices this coming to not waste your time.

To anyone who has downloaded the previous attempt, the app is still locked to my old account, for whatever the reason, please do not share that information and delete the .ipa if you kindly may. 

In regards to the previous post, no it has not been deleted, nor has it been rewritten for this reply. Simply reverted to a draft, so your comments are still there, I will do the best I can quickly. But I am afraid iTunes may not allow a bypass

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Yours truly,
JJ Ashton