Sunday, 29 September 2013

*-* What's going on?!

Edit: Can't seem to update some things.. (Ex; The Blog Stats to the left, it's stuck at 40k..)
I will have to check on this when I can, currently busy. Sorry!

Hello all, JJ here once again.. after, well.. you know, a very long afk break..

Ok, to be honest with you all, I literally forgot about this blog.. So really I have to apologize to everyone using it to help with their adventure, there has been no updates since April and even before that it was slow. Small issue but a really good thing happened, I've finally succeeded in pre-apprentice training for Millwright so I am formally quite busy now during the week, but I promise and swear to you all, I will never forget again until I announce a retirement from here. Terribly sorry for that... :x

The main thing this post is for is, during my absence, the visit count has doubled (40k) and the traffic for this site has gone through the roof and well beyond. (New records) It makes me quite happy to see, but I can't understand where it's coming from as the vast majority is from google alone. Just confused by this, meh..

Just to inform you as well, I'm part of some groups between Steam and personal friends, you'll find me there as I have some work to do there as well (Source SDK and Unreal UDK for mapping development, I manage a Terraria server that's preparing for the long waited update of v1.2 from Redigit) I can toss some links here of the communities but that's if requested in the comment.

Anyways, good to be back, I'll get around to obtaining an iDevice to further this blog
Happy Mob'n all!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dear Adventures from the Facebook Fan-page

Hello and welcome to my little blog guide (Still in development since Aug 2011)

First, the URL is incorrect, this is not a complete guide as much has yet to be added and I have neither the iDevide anymore, and little time to spare as I study. However I will answer any questions and write a post of any topic as I have literally spent hundreds of hours playing the storyline with all three characters douzens of times, breaking/glitching maps/items/bosses, and trying to find a way to activate Hardmode.

There is one or two other guides that I know of, Qvazzler (<--Link) being one of them I have spoken to (S/He has retired from Wild Frontier) they have a great amount of info if I don't have what you need (Notably the map/cave guides)

Feel free to drop a question/comment or discusses in the chatbox below, I'll return a reply as soon as I see it as I do check here once a day or so. Oh couple more things, on the left hand side (<<--) of this blog, there is an Blog Archive, click/tap the triangles/arrows to show previous posts, and there is a mobile version enabled for this website. (Just in case you wonder why it loads/looks different from Computer/Mobile Device)

Good luck, and Happy Mob'n Σ: