Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Got hit with a 'wave of trouble' since the start of August, and have only been able to comment/reply. I do have the posts for the v2 series nearly done, but at the moment life is too hectic to have any time to spare for this blog/guide. There will be posts made for those just wanting to read, and later videos for combined information, an example would be a 'as near as complete as possible' Pet Summary or Equipment and Items

Something to mention is because Wild Frontier is incomplete, I can not gather 'all' the information a regular guide would have. An example would be the Monster Catalogue (The feather in the in-game menu) It halts at 98.7% or has been for myself, meaning there is either excess data not used, or more mobs (might be Hard Mode only?) that were added and never completed or given a location to spawn. Who knows..

With that said, I'll do the best I can for you when I have time. Again, apologies for the delay..
Good luck, and Happy Mob'n to all adventures

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Playthrough Week 2+3

Apologies for not publishing the last few posts on time.
I'll be combining the past two weeks here

Week 1 had a few screw ups as the iPod I have was new and formatted for the updates I made, some genius moves if I must say as that also included previous game saves. So Week 2 was a restart for 

Casual Gameplay, it's as normal as any other run, the stats I used were a two level base of STR+2 DEX+3 CON+1 and +10 INT every ten levels. Tend to complete every side quest before the main storyline to increase the EXP and level of the character. As tedious as it is, in the long run it's a good habit for lore or settings of the game. Puppy was a quick fight, the Creeper was a surprise as I forgot the poison has a decent amount of damage if stacked and is invincible while emitting it.

The Chimera was also quick as I knew it's attack patterns and where to stand so I could not be grabbed by the dragon head, once reaching the Kraken, I always wondered why your speed wasn't slowed when underwater. The bosses cavern is stated to be open and have air, so I don't really understand.

Week 3 starting, pushing forward to the Red Dragon having to redo the three other Dieties. The dialog was great to read again, Roman is probably my favourite witty/happy-go-lucky character. Greg's subtle criticism is great too. Lamia on the other hand, is pretty much the meaning to 'Curiosity killed the Cat' except Chris saves her, again. Unfortunately this isn't some Final Fantasy where she joins your party and fights with you. I mean, it be great if she could 49,999 kick mobs for you like the Gate Stone at the Red Dragon's Dungeon

Mid-week, running back and forth, all over the place in the snowy mountains. I forgot how annoying the last part is. Having reached Diablo, I pause for a few days to gather some data on 
Express. Returning, it was a decently long fight for the stats I had and Rare armor, but it was fun. Gravity element was annoying as I was surrounded by the four Golems often. As the last and incompletable quest popped up, it was time to archive this file and move on.

Express Gameplay, well, it doesn't get more cheaty than this. Using the stats I had and the 3* piece money glitch to obtain Rare equipment and the highest level potions/serum, I immediately went North to explore what the storyline is like if I skip most of it. Out-leveled by a pretty scary amount, potions were needed very often. However leveling wasn't as quick as you may think, even if it was great EXP, I stopped at the mid twenties and continued on.

Reaching the point where Lamia and Greg split their party as she wishes to observe the Red Dragon, none of the triggers to activate those cut scenes were there, where you are trailing behind her trying to catch up. Heading North-West to see if I can get around, you are blocked by a playable cut scene stated Lamia went in the other direction.

This can confirm, KTH took a safe route with denying the players to skip parts of the storyline, (Besides the side quests) however they allowed players to challenge themselves against numbers and levels. Continuing on West to the snowy mountain, already knowing I could not pass the invisible barrier before the Twin Dragons, was just curious if I could activate something. Nope, nothing. So a long walk back to continue the actual game, and at the end of Week 2 was at the door to Diablo.

Week 3 after defeating Diablo on 
Casual, and defeat him again on Express with ease, I return to the dungeon and grind for some levels after gambling for rarer equipment. It was slow and painful to repeatedly grind the best spot which is the last(?) mini-boss, the untranslated salamander and his gang. After that it was the free quests as each give 5k EXP per quest, 5 quests per day, and the 'day' is coded to be your date on the iDevice, so switching dates will reset the board. (A little tip)

This is the last way you can grind for decent EXP for a few more levels, I will not be grinding after obtaining the bonus stats for the next armor set as it's too slow. From after that point I will be hacking for it, however having already installed a cheat engine, I've realised this app as some odd defence to modifications. It might take some time to figure out