Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wild Frontier App Download

Oh for the love of..

Well, all good things do come to an end, and since there has been no updates, Apple has removed WF from it's store. Whether it was actually Apple or it was ALLSTAR pulling it off, I have some good news. Here on this site, I will have the most recent version (v1.0.1) available to download on two different sites in the raw .ipa form. The sites are MediaFire and Dropbox, if neither of these work for you, post a comment and we can try something different.

To install the .ipa into your iTunes for you iDevice, download the file, and depending on your OS (Operating System) you'll have to go to a different location to drop the .ipa, you can view that here. ( Apple Support ) Once there you go to \iTunes Media\Mobile Applications, drop the file and that's it. After that it's just a regular app sync, good luck! (If you can't find the location, or it doesn't work. Download a random app from the store, then in \iTunes\ search for .ipa and it will tell you the location of the file)

Update Note: Thank you Anonymous person for pointing out a serious flaw, hopefully it has been fixed.
Previously mentioned the .ipa was locked to my account, I have made a work around and if someone wouldn't mind telling me what account the .ipa is locked to now that would be wonderful. In case I don't respond fast enough, if the account is locked to, the password to the apple ID is " WildFrontier2 " make sure you include the capitols.

Heads up: The account "JJ Ashtön" the .ipa is locked to has no credentials and the account's password is locked under the recovery I have set to jump back in if there is an issue that arises sometime in the future. You are free to use it, but I'm sure you're just here for the App

Here is my location;

(Please comment if this works for you or not)

Note: This post will be kept at the top of the blog, for one reason or another
Happy Mob'n all you adventurers!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hello again!

Good day all, hope you're having a great holiday season!
Having terrible luck where I live in Canada, we did not have a white 25th, made me quite sad..

Anyways, I'll be making a post with the .ipa of Wild Frontier v1.0.1 for anyone interested since the Apple Store has removed it from their listings. As well as the revision I've been speaking of since forever, the finalize of the few bosses I'm missing and rewording the ones I have, armour sets and their bonus stats, unsure what I'll do about the expansion for the pet guide but it'll go somewhere. All that will be released after I double check it by running through the game once more on Tanker class. Before I have been working on a Warrior class to get the Judge Armour set, and I'll tell you now, for non-HellMode it was worthless but if it was achievable then the set would be worth it. However it'll take forever for me to achieve the Dragon Knight and Archangel Sets, but I have a pretty good idea what their bonuses are.

Noticing a few links to this site, I'm very pleased this is getting out helping people. I just wish I could do more, such as request ALLSTAR to update the app to fix some bugs and most importantly release HellMode from it's impenetrable loop error. Whatever their reason is, no developer should ever stop their work midway through. Not pleased in the slightest

That being that, good luck, have fun, and happy mob'n