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Point Allocation

This is mainly to ones preference, however for new adventurers use this as a tip guide for your first play through. It's not a definite 'you should', it's more 'consider' as I've ran through this game plenty of times with different scenarios. An example is a No Point or Rune, Tanker, which I got stuck on the Kraken. That was fun to figure out

There are four parts, I'll give their full name and what they modify
STR // Strength // Modifies: Attack
DEX // Dexterity // Modifies: RNG (Range/Gun), ACR (Accuracy), DDG (Dodge)
CON // Constitution // Modifies: HP (Health)
INT // Intelligence // Modifies: SP (Spirit Points/Mana/Magic/etc), RNG (Range/Gun)

Whoops, I mistakenly said MAG previously instead of INT when I wasn't playing. I'll go fix that in any post I made, sorry. Also, the amount each point gives has a changing value, it will increase at first, but after a number of points given it will cap and decrease. This is to discourage stacking on a single Stat. Smart KTH

Warning: Each set is based on 3 levels for a total +9 points available
Warning: INT // Intelligence is for skill use, not much is needed to be effective
Please note: Once again, this are all suggestions or reference to what you want

Warrior : Heavy, large hits, has a wide attack range for multiple hits
Hard hits;
STR+6 // DEX+1 // CON+1 // INT+1

STR+2 // DEX+1 // CON+5 // INT+1

All around;
STR+3 // DEX+2 // CON+3 // INT+1

Tanker : Slow, defensive, able to stand fast against bad numbers
Decent hits;
STR+5 // DEX+1 // CON+2 // INT+1

STR+2 // DEX+2 // CON+4 // INT+1

All around;
STR+2 // DEX+3 // CON+3 // INT+1

Scouter : Quick, light hitting, but chains attack combos until the enemies are dead
Quick hits;
STR+5 // DEX+2 // CON+1 // INT+1

STR+1 // DEX+5 // CON+2 // INT+1

All around;
STR+3 // DEX+3 // CON+2 // INT+1

All skills are only possible to adventurers preference. But some advice would be
> Max out your class unique skill (Bottom left)
> Do not add points to the three weapon types unless you are dedicated to that type
> Gun (Bottom right half) is very linear and weak, discourage use beyond pull/finisher/out of melee range
> Higher level finishing moves cost more SP and deal less damage than spamming the early ones
> Passives should have a high consider as they are constantly active and very helpful
> Do not encourage anything with Knockback if any, you want the mobs dead as fast as possible
> Your Super Skill (Lv50 Purple) is highly useful while getting it often isn't