Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dear Adventures from the Facebook Fan-page

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello and welcome to my little blog guide (Still in development since Aug 2011)

First, the URL is incorrect, this is not a complete guide as much has yet to be added and I have neither the iDevide anymore, and little time to spare as I study. However I will answer any questions and write a post of any topic as I have literally spent hundreds of hours playing the storyline with all three characters douzens of times, breaking/glitching maps/items/bosses, and trying to find a way to activate Hardmode.

There is one or two other guides that I know of, Qvazzler (<--Link) being one of them I have spoken to (S/He has retired from Wild Frontier) they have a great amount of info if I don't have what you need (Notably the map/cave guides)

Feel free to drop a question/comment or discusses in the chatbox below, I'll return a reply as soon as I see it as I do check here once a day or so. Oh couple more things, on the left hand side (<<--) of this blog, there is an Blog Archive, click/tap the triangles/arrows to show previous posts, and there is a mobile version enabled for this website. (Just in case you wonder why it loads/looks different from Computer/Mobile Device)

Good luck, and Happy Mob'n Σ:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wild Frontier App Data

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello hello again to all you Frontiers,

Just dropping a notice as I'm more or less pulling the app of W.F and jumping around through data as gather more info for all of you. Everything from images (To complete Rune List/Tanker Guide) to Enemies/Items stats if I can. Hopefully this will be the next overhaul of this guide to make all that much closer to completion. I'm not going to leave this guide unfinished as players are still visiting and re-visiting which brings a smile to my face. [It really does]

It's not going to be today, tomorrow, or next week that I'll release anything, but in May I might start dropping lists here on-site. I do need to make it all nice and pretty without all the code and what-not.

Good luck and Happy Mob'n all Σ:

Data #1: HTML DOC

App Info HTML

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Contrary to what I say here, as proof there is activity in my words. This is written in an html doc that was stored on the file, have a look through though I'm sure most players already know this info. I might pick apart this doc of basic info as I see some interesting pieces already.

Happy Mob'n Σ:

1. Control

-Compiled images later-

2. Occupations

Able to use two-handed weapons and uses Battle Skills for attack power and Rage Skills for survival ability to perform strong battle ability under any circumstances.

Able to use shields and uses Shield Skills for stun and Protection Skills for various defense buffs to fight multiple enemies at once.

Able to use dual wield weapons with fast and powerful Assault Skills and Hunting Skills that damages enemies with various status effects to quickly defeat targets.

3. Weapons

Sword: Has low attack power and fast attacking speed. When you achieve mastery, it gives additional damage to beasts.
Ax: Has high attack power and critical bonus, but also has a long delay after attacking. When you achieve mastery, it gives additional damage to plants.
Blunt Weapon: Has high attack power and accuracy bonus, but also has delay before and after attacking. When you achieve mastery, it gives additional damage to beetles.
Rifle: Performs ranged attacks with knockback effects, but has a long delay after attacking. When you achieve mastery, it gives additional damage to raptors.
Shield: Has high defense power with a certain blocking rate. When blocking succeeds, player is completely protected from ranged attacks.

4. Material Compress/Decompress

Compress: Able to make an upper level material with 3 lower level ones of the same kind.
Decompress: Able to make a lower level material with an upper level one of the same kind.
Mutation: Able to make a material of any kind with 5 same level ones.

5. Skill Chain

Player is basically possible to do triple chain of Normal Blow.
During chain attack, the delay of previous attacks are ignored and the next attack starts without delay.

Chain skills can do triple attack in combination with Normal Blow.
Consists of various status effects.

Finish skills becomes available after a certain number of chain attacks.
Consists of powerful damages.

Super Chain Skills allows the start of another triple chain attacks during chain attacks or after a finish blow.

Action and buff skills cannot be used for chain attacks.

6. Status Points

HP: Health Point. Player dies when Health Point is completely consumed.
SP: Spirit. Player cannot use skills with low Spirit.
EXP: Experience. Player levels up with a certain amount of experience.
LV: Level. Shows player’s growth and affects battle balance.

The following Stats can be nurtured by investing three Stat Points given with level-up.
STR: Strength. Increases ATK.
DEX: Dexterity. Increases RNG, ACR, and DDG.
CON: Health. Increases max. HP and recovery speed.
INT: Intelligence. Increases max. SP and recovery speed.

The following Stats are decided by primary stats, equipment, and skills.
ATK: Melee Attack Power
RNG: Ranged Attack Power
DEF: Defense
ACR: Accuracy
DDG: Dodge
CRI: Critical Blow Rate
FIR: Resistance to Fire
ICE: Resistance to Coldness
ELC: Resistance to Electricity

7. Hunting/Gathering

Press the attack button in front of a monster carcass to start searching for various items, recipe, and rune. Larger monsters carry more items.

Press the attack button in front of a mineral point to start mining minerals and ores.

Press the attack button in front of a collection point to start gathering all kinds of materials except for minerals and ores.

8. Shelter/Camping

When you visit a village shelter, you enter rest state with the following effects:

Complete recovery of HP and SP.
Immune from all status effects.
Recovers durability of equipment by 100% without decrease when repaired.
Possible to fabricate equipment.
Possible to cook.

When using the tent outside village, the tent area becomes a temporary shelter for a certain period of time.

9. Fabrication

When player enters rest state, it is possible to fabricate equipment or cook.
Fabrication of equipment requires recipe items and cooking requires no particular recipe item besides cookbook.

You can do fabrication by choosing a recipe from Item Menu.
Fabricated equipment has 1-3 sockets unlike equipment purchased from shops and defense items have set effects.

If you set to track a certain recipe, you can always check that recipe and the status of its ingredients.

10. Rune

Player can acquire rune through hunting at a certain probability.
Each rune has certain options that you can enchant on equipment as desired.
Rune enchanting can be executed by selecting rune from Item Menu.

11. Pet

Use Taming Kit to turn small monsters into pets.
Certain kinds of monsters can wear equipment and defense items as pets.
Pets are classified into Combat Pet, Looting Pet, and Buff Pet according to function.

Combat Pet fights in battle alongside player.
Looting Pet searches monster carcasses for player.
Buff Pet applies parts of optional effects of equipment to player.

When you succeed with taming, the monster will become your pet with 5-10 levels lower than its original level and quickly grow to match player’s level.
When normal pet first matches player’s level or when named monster is tamed, it rarely becomes Rare Pet and gets one additional pet function.
When Special Taming Kit from a charged item shop is used, you can always succeed with taming to get Rare Pet and or you can rarely get a Heroic Pet with all three pet functions.

When you use Potion while taking a pet, pet’s HP is also recovered.
When your pet dies, you can revive it by moving to a village shelter or using Pet First Aid Kit.

12. Pre-Quest

Pre-Quest is a bonus quest that can be selected and repeated by user.
Check/accept from the list of quests randomly posted on each village’s quest board.
Each quest board posts five new quests each day.

13. Encyclopedia

Any monster you fight appears on Encyclopedia Menu with the following information:

Monster Name
Monster Image
Size Class (Icon)
Monster Type (Icon)
Attack Type (Icon)
Items Dropped

14. About

(Haha, there's no text here. Idk why as it's the About section, but there literally isn't any)