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Blog Revision

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a decent couple of holidays

Thanks for the 22k hits over the past year, sorry my blog is not as complete as the URL states. This however will get fixed, I am now revising what has been said, completing the pages which have been on hold and adding pages which have yet to be seen on any other guide site.

I will be pulling the posts that are under revision, so do not worry if they look broken

Happy Holidays and an early Happy New Years from myself
Happy Mob'n you crazy adventures


Look at Page Edits for a reference on where I'm at with the updating

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Last Major Boss: Diablo [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

This demon... nearly tops the annoyance list (Kraken is the worst...)

Diablo, a demon partly unsealed from some kind of floating gem...
He's Lv.66 and the last boss of the game (Hopefully*)
Difficulty: 9/10

He is not the hardest boss I've seen in RPG's but he is definitely a nuisance. If your are Scouts, stick away from the element attacks (Unless you're confident your dodge and health is high enough) Warriors same thing but you are the pot chugger any but be watchful of stacking damage, and Tanker, well not much I can say because you're a class based off of defence.

Stage 1:
Difficulty: 1/10

At the start, he's the easiest boss, he just sits there staring at you. Moving towards you after some time only to clap you in his hands. Though once you drain 1/3rd his health he will disappear and two smaller Diablo's appear.

Stage 1.5:
Difficulty: 3/10

These guys do not attack with the physical punches like the larger one does, they will attack with elements. Both are vulnerable to your attacks, though their element attacks depend on where all three of you stand but it's still somewhat random. They will use all three types of elements on you so be watchful for your weakest element. You can either whack away or just run around, eventually they will disappear and the normal body re-appears.

Stage 2:
Difficulty: 5/10

The main body will now use elements with his attacks. If you're just standing underneath whacking away, you will see a lot of Ice/Wind. If you are running around (For Gun or the cooldown on the pots) there'll be a good number of Fire Pillars. Lighting is not used much or at all in this stage. Again, you need to drop his health down another 1/3rd

Stage 2.5:
Difficulty: 3/10

Once again the Mini-Diablo's until the main body re-appears again

Stage 3:
Difficulty: 9/10

Now, he's just going to give you a bad day when fighting for the first time. He will spawn 4 Golems of various types, but they are all the same difficulty. Which is actually harder than outside this boss battle. Yes you can defeat them, but it's a massive waste of time due to Diablo spawning in 4 more after you kill them all. Even if you only kill 3, he'll just spawn 3 more. So don't bother.

Next part, he teleports from each corner of the map to another corner. Will not move towards you, you have to continuously chase him down. If you run for point to point quick enough and smack away, the golems will not catch you. However Diablo will not punch you anymore, but stacks upon stacks of elements will be thrown.

Best piece to top it off, Diablo introduces a 4th element. Gravity. A black ball with a purple ring, will suck you inside and deal damage, as long as you are not inside there will be no damage. This power is rarely used however, only if you're not chasing him down and fighting the 4 golems will he use it on you. Even then, it's quite rare to happen.

Lastly, attack patterns. Same deal with the Mini-Bosses, distance from him determines the attack type. Though, because it's the last boss, there needs to be an overkill of element usage. Not only that but from the amount of teleports, he's recovery time is hard to manage. Save the SP pots for dashing.

The way all versions of Diablo will attack:
(Not 100% correct, more of a majority use)

Both Mini-Diablos are on one side of the map, you on the other. Expect a ton of Fire Pillars and maybe a bit of Lighting.

One Mini-Diablo is on one side, you and the other are on the other. Expect Fire Pillars from the far one, and Ice Swirls and then Lightning Chain upon teleport from the closest.

If all of you are within gun distance, expect them to close in and use Ice/Lightning Attacks then teleport away leaving Lighting stacks.

Stage 3 version only:
Fire Pillar Rows (Each row has 5-8 Pillars, up to three rows)
Ice/Wind Swirls (Up to three will be blasted before he teleports)
Lighting Chains (Just a couple of stacks, only upon teleports or at gun distance)
Gravity Well (After a set amount of time not attacking Diablo, he will then use and overuse these)

Until death you'll need to aggressively engage this battle. Once defeated, loot the invisible corpse (Sealed back into the floating jewel) and head for the doorway at the top right. You will be automatically brought into threater mode for about 5 minutes.

*Why do I say hopefully Diablo is the last boss? Hell Mode is broken, so we do not know the other half of Wild Frontier. For the Next/"last mission", please click on "Very Bad News People" at the bottom on the guide tool at the top left page navigator on this site.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Possible Insta-Heroic Pet?! [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Again like the instant rare pet guide, I was just fooling around when my game suddenly crashed

At the time I had a lv.42 Chikki (Which I did not revive often...) and was looking for a mini boss to tame in the last dungeon, the Demon Deities and Diablo's resting place.

Between the Demon Chimera and the Demon Salamander's nest there is a small lava salamander mini-boss Level 62 with it's Korean name (Was not translated) in 5th Level of Av'agoon Cave

I thought why not? Only to find out, taming this mini-boss will crash your game

It is in my thought that because the mobs level is so high, it has a chance to become Heroic
Under more thought, it could crashing from the untranslated name that it's trying to register in your file
I have no real idea or conclusion to why this happens, but leave that boss alone when you're looking to tame

Instant rare pet! [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

I've come across this countless times now, I will confirm this. The SMALL mobs with names above their heads (Mini-bosses) those can be tamed into pets, but due to their status they have a roll to immediately become Rare right away, and if not they have a second chance when they reach your level for the first time they'll have the same roll again.

HOWEVER, no matter your feelings for Puppy the first mini-boss. Do NOT go back and tame it. There is a glitch where you will pick up his tail a second time (There were two quests for his tail in the first town, not sure why but you have to kill him twice while having those quests on hand.) and you'll lose a slot in your Etc. bag, same can be done with some bosses and other quests.

Only difference between taming a mini-boss and a normal mob is the mobs health, defence, strength and what not. Which the mini-boss can actually kill you before you tame it, thankfully you can pot your health back while taming. Though another issue with mini-bosses is their minions, they will endlessly spawn (within the normal spawning times) and become aggressive against you, so watch out for them as well.

Also a piece of Pokemon advice, weaken the mob's hp to around 1/3 or 1/4. Most of the time they will run away with a skull above their head. At this time you can take advantage of them and try taming, this will give you some time for non-combat taming compared to being attacked while taming them.

Pet/Taming Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Ok where to start...

Pets, they are your small fuzzy little friend. The is quite a large variety in which you can choose for a pet, however you can only have SMALL mobs as pets. It's quite obvious which ones you can have for pets and others you can not.

To start off, wait until you first reach Cemal. Roland will give you a side quest to find an adorable little mob as your tag-along buddy. He will give you a level 1 pet taming kit, but one will not be enough majority of the time. Go to the Mokar shop and buy a max of 9 more taming kits. (Find a map of the mob you wish to tame, save and do not switch maps. Begin taming and if you somehow fail ten times, you can go to the main menu without saving, and select your file again having ten more tries)

Once you have them, you can choose currently between a few mobs at the start of the story: Seed, Pod, Mush, Boar, Octo, Squee, Pitz (Or Sharp Ear Pitz), Corpi, Hornet, Crabby, Chikki, or Beeti. Each of these mobs are different in their own ways, and do not change upon taming. Ranged stay ranged, and close-combat is, well you know.

(The farther you are in the story the more mobs you can tame, but only the small ones. Later when you find the Hatchlings which are tiny element breathing dragons. Those are the best to have due to their high defensive nature and ranged attack with an element, however your pet being rare is kinda a higher value than them since they are VERY HARD TO TAME and from that the Rare Hatchlings are quite difficult to obtain. It be best to use a Special Taming Kit from the Cash Shop on them.)

Now upon taming each pet will be assigned 1 of the three types of pets. There are:

Helps fight monsters (Only becomes aggressive when other mobs become aggressive against you, will not attack bosses)

Provides those buff runes socketed on separate equipment, when equipped  to the pet, will give you and your buddy the bonus. (Ex. Pitz with a 'rune of annihilation general scimitar' [+40 DMG], will give you both the DMG bonus)

Upon any monsters death, your pet will swiftly, and quickly harvest the loot. I've rarely found loot pets useful, unless your mobbing. (Have an entire map attack you)

Pros and Cons about each type:

Pro; Helps you fight, often being able to take/deal higher damage than yourself. !! Will not attack bosses !!
Con; Pet is vulnerable to any attack, and more often than not, will die fairly quickly from not nearly enough DEF, or DEX as yourself. (Coming from a Scout class point of view)

Pro; Any socketed rune equipped on your pets weapon/armor will be given to you and your pet.
Con; Pet will NOT fight, still vulnerable to any attacks, unless Rare or Heroic with combat as another option.

Pro; Will move directly towards fallen enemy, then often moves out of way if combat persist.
Con; Will not aid in combat, also vulnerable to attacks. Best to be paired with another option. (Rare/Heroic)

With that said you're probably wonder why I stated pets can be Rare/Heroic. Your first pet is most likely a General. Unless you go back and tame Puppy (Do not tame it, I will post soon on why) When you tame a monster, it will drop 5 levels of Exp. Then once it catches up in levels to be on par, there is a chance of your pet becoming Rare. You will get a notification on the screen about the success or failure. If your pet succeeds becoming Rare, at level 60 there will be another roll to see if your pet evolves into a Heroic. This roll is very very small for success. So try not to have your fingers crossed.

However there is an easier way to have a Heroic pet. The special taming kit from the in-game cash shop from AllStar. Upon taming your pet will become Rare automatically, and at level 60 (Same as the normal way) it will roll to succeed or fail in Heroic evolution. This roll however is bigger than the normal method. A better chance for your pet to have all three types, only trade off is you're paying real money for some data you'll toss away later.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tanker Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Original Tanker guide is >here<
Pictures will be re-added, they somehow broke...

Quick summary:
As the class name states, you're basically a 'tank'. A moving fortress of excessively high defence and health. You can herd an entire map a couple of levels above you and win with a small amount of strategy. One main knock off is you're trading DPS and Base damage for your Def and Hp, you can take but you can't really deal it back quickly.

Images fixed! +1

Once again this is the skill tree for the Tanker class, like the others only different skills. Like all classes some are better than others, but this tree focuses on Tanker style much better than Scouts or Warriors which you can do a couple of different styles.

Shield Mastery-Passive
Increases defense power when using a shield

Sword Mastery-Passive
Increases attack power of swords

Ax Mastery-Passive
Increases critical blow rate of axe

Blunt Weapon Mastery-Passive
Increases defense ignore rate of blunt weapon

Same this as always, you have your class type skill as the first mastery, while you have three other masteries to choose from if you like Sword, Axe, or Blunt styles. But always max out your class base skill, for Tankers their shield is their life line, try your best to obtain Rare equipment (Which is the highest type you can receive without any luck modifiers)

Ranged attacks on enemies with rifle

Insnare Shot-Action
Attack enemies with a special bullet

Rapid Fire-Action
Maximizes shooting speed

Shoots all enemies

Whether you're the Tanker class or the Warrior class, you should not spend any points on these skills, use the rifle to pull single mobs from a pack (If the are too strong, and beware pack aggressive mobs where if you anger one, they all come after you) or to finish off mobs that run away if none are in the way.

Equipment Switch-Action
Immediately switches 1 and 2 weapon sets

Same old, you can switch weapon/shield loadout but you'll need two shields for this, which is kinda a space killer when you're managing yourself and your pet (If you have one)

Bash-Finish Blow
A power cleave over enemies

War Stomp-Finish Blow
A cleave to stun enemies ahead

Shield Spin-Finish Blow
A cleave known to down surrounding enemies

Bash is the only skill that's common between the three classes, and it should have a minimum of 5 points on it (Being the required amount for the next skill) The main difference between these finishing skills and the other two classes finishing skills is Tankers' focuses on Status rather than Damage. You can damage with Bash, stun with War Stomp and knock down mobs with Shield Spin. Two of three leaves your opponents unable to move or attack.

Recovers HP at every certain period of time.

Increases vitality

Releases status effects every certain period of time

Breath Wilderness-Passive
Increases resistance to fire, coldness, and electricity

Health recovers, increase the amount of your Hp pool, a buff which removes de-buffs and finally a passive resistance to the three elements in Wild Frontier. Neither the other two have skills like these, and this is why the Tanker class is most commonly known as the starter class. It's very easy for you to just sit there even at low levels, and be right as rain in the middle of a boss battle. These skills make the gameplay a bit too easy where it seems cheap. So don't spend too many points on these, but they are the most recommended no matter what

Attacks all enemies within a broad range

Recovers spirit when hit after shouting

Reflects damage to enemies that attack you

Guardian Chain-Super Chain
Enables all skills in invincible state

Shout is a pretty good pull skill, pretty good as in overpowered when farming maps full of mobs. If you think you can handle an entire map use it, but just be aware the mobs will surround you. Best spot to make a stand is in a small ally-way, so they run towards you in a stream. The bonus is after a shout you recover SP so you can use shout as a small SP pot to use a skill or shout again after the cooldown. Thorn does reflect damage, but not all of it, element damage does not reflect but physical does. So most boss battles (Espescially the last one Diablo) you will need strategy. Guardian is your Super Chain, I do not like them much so I can't really say, though it is a good combo skill.

Crushing Blow-Chain
Strikes enemies to incur stun.

Shield Strike-Chain
Knocks down enemies with a shield

Just your typical stun skills/attacks, handy for powerful mini-bosses, not sure if stun works on bosses. I'd place at the minimum amount for the next skill since they are quite useful

Mutilate:-Timing Chain
Counterattacks after dodging to weaken attack power

Possible to mutilate with critical blow

Shield Block-Charge Action
Completely defends the body with the shield

Defense Training-Passive
Increases Defense power

Awesome skills, since they are more about stopping the opponent from attacking than just regular stun. Shield masteries no matter if it's the block rate or it's stopping power, max them. You're an Tank, what else should you be doing besides holding against the 'impossible' odds

Warrior Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

The original guide is made by Weixun, click here

Just a few tips on the Warrior class as it being the 'Most Powerful Class', but in actual terms, STR is not always everything, I've gotten by with Scout because of DEX, and Tank with no stats and just DEF from my armor. Wish there were other classes like an wizard or archer. Anyways, you're an badass wielding a 2H. Stick to damage based tactics, and skills. A gun may be handy, but only as a pull nothing more.

Here's the Warrior skill tree from Weixun. Quite simple really, though some skills are more useful than you may think while others are a bust for any points spent on them.

Two-handed Weapon Mastery - Passive
Increase attack power when using two-handed weapons. Available with two-handed weapons.

Sword Mastery - Passive
Increases attack power of swords.

Ax Mastery - Passive
Increases critical blow rate of ax.

Blunt Weapon Mastery - Passive
Increases defense ignore rate of blunt weapon.

Well, I going to have to say the Sword/Axe/Blunt mastery is 'not so useful' If you prefer one of the three, put 3 at most on that mastery, but DO NOT put any on Axe what so ever. The Critical increase is a waste of points. Blunt is more useful than Sword just because not matter the enemy, it will 'ignore' the DEF compared to Sword where it's final attack power can be countered by DEF. But overall, both are highly the same.

Shoot - Action
Ranged attacks on enemies with rifle

Insnare Shot - Action
Attack enemies with a special bullet

Rapid Fire - Buff
Maximizes shooting speed

Doomsday - Action
Shoots at all enemies

If you haven't noticed Ensnare is spelt Insnare, that's AllStar translation for you. Do not use a Gun for anything but a pull when your Warrior. Gun is for DEX classes, and if you have a higher DEX than STR as Warrior, you're doing it wrong, really really wrong.

Equipment Switch - Action
Immediately switches 1 and 2 weapon sets

If you have two good weapons, this becomes useful if one is about to break. Or if you like to switch between the quick Sword style to the slow and steady Blunt (Hammer really...) or maybe the head-heavy Axe

Precision Strike - Chain
Attacks ignoring enemies' dodge/defence

Counterattack - Timing Chain
A powerful counterattack after dodging

Cross Counter - Passive
Able to counterattack when hit by critical blow

Muscular Training - Passive
Increases strength

Points towards Precision Strike should be for people Favouring Sword. Counterattack is useful, but not enough for more than the minimal amount of points for the next skill. Cross Counter is misjudged, put a utmost of 5 since it will raised your attack for a few second when hit with a crit, which is just often enough. Muscular Training is a must, Warrior is all about handing your opponents ass to them, so max it.

Charge - Charge Chain
A swift dashing attack with charged strength

Smash - Chain
A powerful attack to knock down enemies, will stun for 2 seconds

Break - Passive
Decreases enemies' defence at Charge and Smash

Charge, ehhhh... probably best paired with a long range gun attack to pull, and then charge forward, but it's kinda a waste because of the length you travel compared to the objects on the map. Smash is very useful for mobs. Break isn't all great, but if you like gun'n'charge, spend only 3 on any of these.

Bash - Finish Blow
A powerful cleave over enemies

Cleave - Passive
Increase damage of finish skills

Whirlwind - Finish Blow
Attacks surrounding enemies while rotating

Breakthrough - Finish Blow
A powerful cleave through a group of enemies

Bash, yes, max it because you should use this special the most. Cleave raises the final attack power of all finishing skills so if you can save points by applying the minimum and getting near the same damage as if you maxed Bash or the other two. Whirlwind, now that's a cool final, us when surrounded by mobs from all sides, but do not use on an boss unless it's the Salamander or the Twin Dragons. Breakthrough however, definitely use this on bosses, and lead mobs into a narrow section, turn around and activate. If the cool down wasn't so high, you could rinse and repeat every map grinding quite effectively.

Bleed - Action
Damages enemies, Slow recovery of opponents, Increase critical blow rate

Drain Life - Passive
Recovers HP with hit by Bleed

Threaten - Action
Knocks down surrounding enemies, may stun

Fear - Action
Confuses surrounding enemies

Berserker Chain - Super Chain
Enables all skills with double attack power

Bleed is a must for both mobs but especially bosses, spend a good number of points. Drain Life is a little confusing, if it recovers your health when a mob is de-buffed with bleed, or you are. Threaten, only useful for mob'n, no use for bosses, same with Fear, if you like mob'n, spend up to 3. Berserker Chain is also odd, I've never used it before. Probably makes a set time where you use any skills they do twice the normal damage. Not sure.

Bravery - Buff
Ignores enemies' attacks, No knockback, Not paralyzed when hit

Rage - Passive
Increases attack power when Bravery is used

Bravery is useful against enemies that stun you, but I don't know any mobs for knockback besides the mini-bosses, still useful. Rage is just another power up after Bravery, don't bother.