Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hello again!

Good day all, hope you're having a great holiday season!
Having terrible luck where I live in Canada, we did not have a white 25th, made me quite sad..

Anyways, I'll be making a post with the .ipa of Wild Frontier v1.0.1 for anyone interested since the Apple Store has removed it from their listings. As well as the revision I've been speaking of since forever, the finalize of the few bosses I'm missing and rewording the ones I have, armour sets and their bonus stats, unsure what I'll do about the expansion for the pet guide but it'll go somewhere. All that will be released after I double check it by running through the game once more on Tanker class. Before I have been working on a Warrior class to get the Judge Armour set, and I'll tell you now, for non-HellMode it was worthless but if it was achievable then the set would be worth it. However it'll take forever for me to achieve the Dragon Knight and Archangel Sets, but I have a pretty good idea what their bonuses are.

Noticing a few links to this site, I'm very pleased this is getting out helping people. I just wish I could do more, such as request ALLSTAR to update the app to fix some bugs and most importantly release HellMode from it's impenetrable loop error. Whatever their reason is, no developer should ever stop their work midway through. Not pleased in the slightest

That being that, good luck, have fun, and happy mob'n

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