Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wild Frontier App Data

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello hello again to all you Frontiers,

Just dropping a notice as I'm more or less pulling the app of W.F and jumping around through data as gather more info for all of you. Everything from images (To complete Rune List/Tanker Guide) to Enemies/Items stats if I can. Hopefully this will be the next overhaul of this guide to make all that much closer to completion. I'm not going to leave this guide unfinished as players are still visiting and re-visiting which brings a smile to my face. [It really does]

It's not going to be today, tomorrow, or next week that I'll release anything, but in May I might start dropping lists here on-site. I do need to make it all nice and pretty without all the code and what-not.

Good luck and Happy Mob'n all Σ:

Data #1: HTML DOC

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