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Rune list

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Complete / Image Repaired]

Colour code runes for their "usefulness" to my perspective. Their colours are;
 : Keep for last Boss(es)
 : Highly Useful
 : Above Average
 : Average
 : Not very useful

Grade 4 Rune image has been found and uploaded, awesome!
Error --> Grade 4 Rune picture is wrong. It's suppose to be a dot on the left side, and a V with the right side curved right. I'll fix it when I can :x

This list is NOT complete, if you happened to find any that are not on the list, please post a comment below
After looking over for a bit I think there are some missing from these grades:
> Grade 5 (blue)
> Grade 7 (Not sure)
> Grade 10
> Grade 20 (blue)

Also, please read carefully. There can be multiple effects. I will colour the ones that are similar in each grade.
Another note: The runes border outline colour states their rarity in being found, look here for information

Opinion: There are a few notes I'd like to make, it'll be in this colour

List of Runes

  Grade 1++
Name: Rune of Swiftness
Effect: Increase speed

  Grade 1++
Name: Rune of Meddling
Effect: Increase attack speed

Both are very useful, Swiftness will get you to and from places, and help dodge boss attacks, or if your low on Hp from mobbing, its a quick get away. Meddling will help with Axe/Blunt speed, but somewhat overkill on a the Sword

  Grade 2
Name: Rune of Capacity
Effect: All 1st status +2~3

Name: Rune of Empower
Effect: All 1st status +7~10

Name: Rune of Almightiness
All 1st status +13~16
(Thanks to Dan Bui for the name find)

  Grade 2
Name: Rune of Master
Effect: All skill level +1~1

  Grade 2+
Name: Rune of Hero
Effect: All skill level +2~2

(Thanks to *Name Pending* for the name find)

  Grade 2++
Name: Rune of Absolute
Effect: All skill level +3~3

There all great in their own way, best are obviously Empower and Almightiness, but these are surprising harder to find than either G1's

  Grade 3++
Name: Rune of Indomitable
Effect: Block stun

  Grade 3++
Name: Rune of Vigilance
Effect: Block knockback

Well, the only reason I gave them the purple rating was how useful they are. But that really depend on which enemy since bosses are usually an absolute knockback (Chimera) and Stun will help against electric based or bashing (Boar) monsters. But other than that, they're useless by taking a slot for something possibly better

  Grade 4
Name: Rune of Defense
Effect: All resistances +3~4%

  Grade 4+
Name: Rune of Purify
Effect: All resistances +10~13%

  Grade 4++
Name: Rune of Guardian
Effect: All resistances +18~22%
(Thanks to *Name Pending* for this find)

Not all that great, but apparently it gets the Yellow Grade, so it has its small perks

  Grade 5
Name: Rune of Blow
Effect: Critical blow +2~3

  Grade 5+
Name: Rune of Deathblow
Effect: Critical blow +7~10

  Grade 5++
Name: Rune of Slaughterer
Effect: Critical blow +13~16

  Grade 5
Name: Rune of Shock
Effect: Stun attack +3~4%

  Grade 5+
Name: Rune of Fear
Effect: Stun attack +10~12%

Stun won't work on Bosses (At least to my extent, if you succeed, leave a comment) and Critical is always handy, the only annoying part of Crits is the jerk at the screen when successful, so constant crits will tend to screw with your sight

  Grade 6++
Name: Rune of Greed
Effect: Drain spirit

  Grade 6++
Name: Rune of Blood
Effect: Drain life

Oh man, I don't know why these runes aren't the Yellow Grade. You basically don't need health or spirit potions anymore once you slot these. (Until last dungeon) Any class become tank. I'm not kidding

  Grade 7+
Name: Rune of Meditation
Effect: Recover spirit 1~2%/10 secs

  Grade 7++
Name: Rune of Prayer
Effect: Recover spirit 5~6%/10 secs

  Grade 7+
Name: Rune of Recovery
Effect: Recover health 1~2%/10 secs

  Grade 7++
Name: Rune of Revive
Effect: Recover Health 5~6%/10 secs

Not as usefull as G6++, but if you like taking time or jumping from town to town, these are it. Even both are a good combo since G6++ will heal you in battle, and G7 will passively anywhere__________

  Grade 8
Name: Rune of Lucky
Effect: Luck +6~9

  Grade 8+
Name: Rune of Success
Effect: Luck +13~18

  Grade 8++
Name: Rune of Blessing
Effect: Luck 21~26

Must have, you can't find anything else but General/Advanced/Rare without luck
Best used on Lv.58-62 Advanced or better armor set (Water dragon set I think)

  Grade 9
Name: Rune of Lightning
Effect: Electricity attack effect +6~9%

  Grade 9+
Name: Rune of Thunderbolt
Effect: Electricity attack effect +20~27%

  Grade 9++
Name: Rune of Star
Effect: Electricity attack effect +36~44%

  Grade 9
Name: Rune of Fire
Effect: Fire attack effect +6~9%

  Grade 9+
Name: Rune of Flame
Effect: Fire attack effect +20~27%

  Grade 9++
Name: Rune of Sun
Effect: Fire attack effect +36~44%

  Grade 9
Name: Rune of Wind
Effect: Cold attack effect +6~9%

  Grade 9+
Name: Rune of Typhoon
Effect: Cold attack effect +20~27%

  Grade 9++
Name: Rune of Moon
Effect: Cold attack effect +36~44%

All have very good perks, Fire burns on hit, overtime, and possible stack damage. Cold will slow the enemy, so you are slowing all movements, from attacks, specials and travel. Electric will cut the enemies damage level in half, which is kinda weird since most other games, electric is stun. Meh, that's ALLSTAR for you

  Grade 10+
Name: Rune of Revenge
Effect: Reflect damage +12~19%

  Grade 10++
Name: Rune of Judge
Effect: Reflect damage +40~55%

Great for those boss battles that use direct attacks. I'm pretty sure that any elemental attacks are not reflect-able. Not completely sure

  Grade 11
Name: Rune of Withstand Fire
Effect: Fire resistance +6~9%

  Grade 11+
Name: Rune of Fire
Effect: Fire resistance +20~27%

  Grade 11++
Name: Rune of Anti-Fire
Effect: Fire resistance +36~44%

  Grade 11
Name: Rune of Withstand Cold
Effect: Cold resistance +6~9%

  Grade 11+
Name: Rune of Cold
Effect: Cold resistance +20~27%

  Grade 11++
Name: Rune of Anti-Cold
Effect: Cold resistance +36~44%

  Grade 11
Name: Rune of Withstand Electricity
Effect: Electricity resistance +6~9%

  Grade 11+
Name: Rune of Electricity
Effect: Electricity resistance +20~27%

  Grade 11++
Name: Rune of Anti-Electricity
Effect: Electricity resistance +36~44%

Well, resistance is great and all, but the best is fire since the fifth, seventh to last bosses have fire attributes

  Grade 12
Name: Rune of Strength
Effect: Strength +4~7

  Grade 12+
Name: Rune of Superhuman
Effect: Strength +15~20

  Grade 12++
Name: Rune of Power
Effect: Strength +27~33

Good for starting off any class. Use until your base damage has a minimum of one hundred points

  Grade 13
Name: Rune of Dexterity
Effect: Dexterity +4~7

  Grade 13+
Name: Rune of Prompt
Effect: Dexterity +15~20

  Grade 13++
Name: Rune of High Speed
Effect: Dexterity +27~33

Again, good for start offs, use until base DEX of any class is or near one hundred points

  Grade 14
Name: Rune of Intelligence
Effect: Intelligence +4~7

  Grade 14+
Name: Rune of Wisdom
Effect: Intelligence +15~20

  Grade 14++
Name: Rune of Vision
Effect: Intelligence +27~33

Anyone using Specials a good lot should spend a good number on INT. However there's no wizard class so best not spend too many as you'll be swinging you weapon more often than skills

  Grade 15
Name: Rune of Health
Effect: Health +4~7

  Grade 15+
Name: Rune of Vitality
Effect: Health +15~20

  Grade 15++
Name: Rune of Life
Effect: Health +27~33

Ehhh, utmost start off, but other than that, its a waste of space for higher levels

  Grade 16
Name: Rune of Regard
Effect: Decrease limit level

Absolutely do NOT waste a slot for this. If you can not wait for the next level armor, and within four levels of said equipment, go ahead, but unless you have a second exact piece to replace the one your lowering is level limit. You've made a bad decision

  Grade 17
Name: Rune of Crush
Effect: Damage +6~9

  Grade 17+
Name: Rune of Destruction
Effect: Damage +20~27

  Grade 17++
Name: Rune of Annihilation
Effect: Damage +36~44

  Grade 17
Name: Rune of Wall
Effect: Defense +32~48

  Grade 17+
Name: Rune of Impregnable
Effect: Defense +102~138

  Grade 17++
Name: Rune of Invincible
Effect: Defense +180~220

Both are highly useful, even the second level of both grades are great

  Grade 18
Name: Rune of Pressure
Effect: Knockback attack +4~7%

  Grade 18+
Name: Rune of Coercion
Effect: Knockback attack +15~20%

  Grade 18++
Name: Rune of Knockback
Effect: Knockback attack 27~33%

No, waste, just a big waste. Knockback would only help with keeping mobs away from you, but when you actually need that time to kill them, instead you're using that time chasing after the mobs you smacked away. Bosses are NOT effected by Knockback

  Grade 19
Name: Rune of Hit
Effect: Accuracy +2~3

  Grade 19+
Name: Rune of Concentration
Effect: Accuracy +7~10

  Grade 19++
Name: Rune of Precision Strike
Effect: Accuracy +13~16

  Grade 19
Name: Rune of Dodging
Effect: Dodge +1~2

  Grade 19+
Name: Rune of Mist
Effect: Dodge +5~6

  Grade 19++
Name: Rune of Darkness
Effect: Dodge +9~11

For the Accuracy runes, only the last one is worth it. But the Dodging, yes, it may be brown but Mist and Darkness are as useful as any Yellow or Pink Grade. Must slot

  Grade 20
Name: Rune of Artisan
Effect: Auto repair 4~6%/10 secs

  Grade 20+
Name: Rune of Immortal
Effect: Auto repair 100~100%/secs

  Grade 20
Name: Rune of Injury
Effect: Decrease recovery

Nope, all a waste of space for slotting. Well, not as much in the latter levels (lv65+) when grinding for lv100. You should just buy Tents and Grindstones instead of slotting the auto repairs, and the Decrease recovery is only useful for slowing down the Hp regeneration rate of the mobs your attacking


  1. If anyone is still updating/reading this,
    Grade 2+ Rune of Hero all skill lvl +2~2 :)

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    Whoever you are, thanks for the name! I do check in once and a while. So I'll edit it right now though a name to credit you for finding the name would be great as well. :3

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  4. Rune of Almightiness, 2 Grade ++
    All 1st status +13~16