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Just to announce this, I've been having trouble editing or submitting posts.
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You all are awesome!

So to test something pieces and to simplify things, ask your questions here please and I'll comment here by editing the post. I am also semi-active here so it could be shockingly quick of a reply, or a few weeks.
I apologize for any inconveniences

Edit: Also, T Ashtön and I, JJ Ashtön are the same person. Blogspot doesn't want to change past posts to the correct information for some dumb reason or another

  • Olu
Hey, nice blog! I don't know if you know this already, beacuse you haven't stated in your runelist: 'Health' actually refers to 'Con'! That said it's not worse than any other stat boosting rune, as long as you need that stat. Also does anyone know how actual damage is calculated? And how is dodging working? Does 100% give me invulnerability to physical attacks? Am I able to dodge elemental attacks? How does + elemental effect damage % work? Thanks for your answers :D

Also 'Precision strike' actually mean Accuracy. So precision strike +3 -> accuracy +3%. Still I don't know how Accuracy effect damage. Obviously you miss less if you've got more accuracy. But the value displayed doesn't directly tell you how accurate you are. It is calculated against some other value. Maybe the monsters 'dodge', 'level' or 'defence'. Anyone got numbers on this?

  • JJ
Thanks, it was a lot of hours spent years back, and welcome to one of the few remaining blogs/information points for the game Wild Frontier, and not the old band. Health is in fact 'Constitution' but it only effects your TotalHealthNumber if I remember. So using a socket for this rune is not exactly advised as you can use something more suited to your game style or situation. For how damage is calculated, once again I'll have to dust off the old notes and see, but you should have an output number in your stat menu, all you need to do is guess, the mob's defence as they truely don't present much of a threat if taking caution.

Truely can not be 100 percent invulnerable from Reflect Damage, but for Dodge/Dex yes that is absolutely true. May be fairly weak in your Attack or TotalHealth but it's how I made my Scout class almost every time, few hundred (200 for Scout 300 for others) Dex is pretty much godmode with a taking a hit here and there. As for element attacks, if you are hit, they have a chance of applying. So just don't get hit or socket resistants as it'll lessen the chance of applying, as for how the roll is applied, no true idea.

As for you applying the stat to mobs, it's just Damage+ElementRoll then +ElementDamage%, so it then rolls (AccuracyHitRoll - MobDodgeRoll) if hit then ((BaseDamage + ElementDamage%) - MobDefence) } or something along those lines, so really it's just an add on. All elements are good to have for extra damage output. Accuracy is just the HitRoll, but if you miss a lot, obviously your DPS will drop as well, so higher Acc can mean higher DPS.

Mobs have a dodge, level and defence just like you, but is precoded like any other game. They also to not have shields so you won't see a 'Blocked' message like Tanker has. Currently there is no actual true flow to WF so people mainly just read and go, WF2 never saw a translation (Or a release if I'm correct) and contacting AllStar is hard as I don't know Thai nor have the time

Hope this helps!

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