Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Got hit with a 'wave of trouble' since the start of August, and have only been able to comment/reply. I do have the posts for the v2 series nearly done, but at the moment life is too hectic to have any time to spare for this blog/guide. There will be posts made for those just wanting to read, and later videos for combined information, an example would be a 'as near as complete as possible' Pet Summary or Equipment and Items

Something to mention is because Wild Frontier is incomplete, I can not gather 'all' the information a regular guide would have. An example would be the Monster Catalogue (The feather in the in-game menu) It halts at 98.7% or has been for myself, meaning there is either excess data not used, or more mobs (might be Hard Mode only?) that were added and never completed or given a location to spawn. Who knows..

With that said, I'll do the best I can for you when I have time. Again, apologies for the delay..
Good luck, and Happy Mob'n to all adventures

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