Sunday, 18 May 2014

Page edits {Halted, moving to forums}

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Good day once again Frontiers :3
Oh, I'll be adding some more of Qvazzler's stuff until I get notice from him about his blog disappearing

The titles of all posts will get a tag for what their state currently is,
[E] Currently editing (May be unavailable)
[C] Completed
[P] Pending for revision (Errors may have been discovered)
[IM] Image(s) missing/broken
[IR] Image(s) Repaired
So if the page you need isn't available, my apologies, it'll be back soon
[!] Some posts will be merged together due to their linking topics/attributes

Pushing all posts to 2014
Forwarning, after completion the posts URL may be renamed. Breaking any starred links you may have
Honestly, I don't care for when I wrote them or how, it's proper to revise and correct for easier reading, once again I'll be restructuring illiterate or grammatically faulted sentences and finish what has been started. I will also be linking the below point to their posts, hold on to your pets!

- Start Up
[P] > Guide Set-up

- Class Guides
[P / IR] > Scout Guide
[P / IR] > Warrior Guide
[P / IR] > Tanker Guide

- Pet Guides
[P] > Pet/Taming Guide
[P] > Instant Rare Pet
[P] > Possible Insta-Heroic Pet?

- Items
[P] > Material List (Lars)
[P] > Unlimited Material Glitch
[P] > Pack*3 Concentration: 1 Piece
[P] > 5 Types of Items (Rarity/Quality)

- Bosses (Current point of interest)
>> Deities
[E] > 1st Major Boss: The Creeper
[E] > 2nd Major Boss: The Chimera
[E] > 3rd Major Boss: The Salamander
[E] > 4th Major Boss The Kraken
[E] > 5th Major Boss: The Red Dragon

>> Dungeon Guards
[P] > 6th Major Bosses: The Ice/Lighting Twin Dragons (Two at once?)

>> Demon Deities (*Last Dungeon)
[P] > 7th Demon Deity: The Hell Vine Creeper
[P] > 8th Demon Deity: The Blaze Wing Chimera
[P] > 9th Demon Deity: The Thunder Mane Salamander
[P] > 10th Demon Deity: The Lava Shell Kraken

>> The End / Other
[P] > Last Major Boss: Diablo
[P] > Demon Deities/Bosses

- Maps
[P] > Map and Cave Guides

- Etc.
[C / IR] > Rune List
[P] > Luck Guide
[P] > Armor Attributes

- Information
[P] > New People From Other Forums! Read This!
[P] > Have Glitched Items? (Game Crashes?)
[P] > Creators of Wild Frontier
[P] > Very Bad News People
[P] > Q&A Page

- Odds and ends
[P] > Accessory grades for Jewelry (lv.80+)
[P] > My Scout
[P] > Page Edits

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