Saturday, 5 July 2014

New waves?!

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello all you adventurous hunters,

I'm pretty excited to announce the v2 of this Blog Guide for WildFrontier, it's been an age since I've read Roman's witty lines and heard the ever maddening background music on repeat. Blissful nostalgic adventure!

As for the previous posts/threads/pages that I already have up, I'll be compressing them into appropriate categories as they are, no more modifications beyond this point. Most of the pages original content (Such as the Rune List) will have a high chance of transferring over to version 2, however all the opinion will be re-written and unbiased. My previous posts were full of enthusiasm however, a guide must be unified. So, consider everything before July 1st 2014 as old information

Some new things will include full map guide for dungeons, quest timeline, monster reports and possibly gameplay video if I can figure out how the heck I can stream efficiently. Only issue this time is not having a decent ISP, so image uploads will be slow. That does not stop typing though

Good luck, have fun and happy mob'n all!

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