Friday, 4 November 2011

Unlimited Material Glitch

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

The way this glitch works is by using up the very last material in your inventory, which by a glitch will leave you on an empty slot. From there you can mutate the empty slot into any grade 4 material ninty-nine times. (automatically makes it G4, the most expensive grade) Why I say 99x is thats the limit number you can have in one slot of the same type and grade. I'll explain by lettering the materials at first then give an example.

How to;
In the material bag, go to you last slotted item, this will be Material A.

No how much you have of A, make it into a multiple of 5 by selling or deleting.

(if you De/compress, you may add another slot which will ruin your attempt.)

Mutate A into a material YOU ALREADY HAVE, so there is no new material after A.

When you run out of A you should wind up on an empty slot B.

You will then mutate B, it will bring up Pack*7 Adventurer: 5 pieces

Do not hit "X" or Cancel, click continue, you will then be in the mutate menu in G4.

Mutate to the material you desire(If it's for Lars, go for Strong Cuirass/second row down, second last row right. It's 840ea.x99=83,160L)

Now that you have Material B, you can't mutate anymore because you only have one of this material.

Now go to another material ( C ) and mutate five Material A.

Mutate material A again to any random material YOU ALREADY HAVE.

You will be back on the empty slot, and mutate Pack*7 Adventurer: 5 pieces into Material B as much as you want!

Hope this helps, if some may need visual/picture reference. I can't uploading through my iPhone, so picture will have to wait.

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  1. Can you post some pictures please. :)

    1. I will once I buy another iDevice, as I do not currently have one. My apologies

  2. Actually is pretty simple. The instructions are accurate. Let me try another words:
    1: Make sure the last item is a multiple of 5, selling or deleting items. ,
    2: mutate THAT item into something already is in your bag I choose, broken molar.
    3: In this example, I just had 5 olive tail, so with the first mutation, the slot became "empty", if your material has more than that you need to mutate as many times needed to get this screen: So the slot is "empty" but can be mutated. So lets mutate it.
    4: When you choose mutate, you'll see that the to-mutate item is a Pack*7 Adventurer, in the convenient amount of 5 TOUCH mutate, and you'll see this screen with G4 materials. Of course you cannot keep the Pack*7 Adventurer, because it doesn't really exist.

    1. Permanently removed your 'deleted' comment as I'm sure you were making a correction for this one, and whoops, I forgot to add the images to this one. If you wish I can add yours with a contribution tag, however I will be remaking these posts soon enough in the v2 series (Anything after June 30th 2014)