Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pack*3 Concentration: 1 Piece (Oct 10th 2012 update)

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Finally someone else besides myself found this, I was waiting to see when this would happen, and it happened sooner than expected. (
Since it has been found by others, though I did not find this first, it is possible I found the next glitch that goes after it first!

This item is worth a mother load 4,259,840 LARS!

So, does anyone remember the other guide here on blogger? If no, read it here. ( Qvazzler has mentioned this before, but never actually released it to the public, either by chance he couldn't find out how he found it, or he did and choose not to release. (I've known it for too long, so I'm going to release it here, there are pictures on TouchArcade if you prefer that)

SO, since its getting around, mind as well type it out. This one is easier to understand than the Unlimited G4

How to:
1) In your inventory, the last material item needs to be a multiple of 5
(It does not matter the grade or type)

2) Mutate to an item you already have in the same grade until your on an empty slot. (A)


4) Because there is no 'stack' you can not mutate or compress, deleting is a waste

5) Go to Decompress, since you are on an empty slot, it will glitch.
(Do this until you pack is full)

6) The item does not appear in the material menu, it will be in the Etc. menu

(A) Why mutate, with compressing and decompressing you may obtain a new slot after the one you've selected. Even if you have bother grade above and below, before the last item, it will NOT work.

Second How to: (More glitches, but value is decreased)
1) In the Etc. menu you'll find the "Broken molar" with a beak icon
(May differ, have yet to confirm though)

2) This item is not stackable, so you can not compress or mutate
(Deleting item is kinda a waste)

3) You can decompress this item
(It will glitch again this time turning into a weapon/armor)

4) You'll find it in the Equipment slot but because it's a glitch (B)

(B) I have yet to find a way to glitch it past this point, if anyone finds a way leave a comment, it'll be a big help (Below for more INFO on it)

The game is designed with a cash shop, it has a bag extension for $0.99 (I think... Idk, it's been a year or more since I've played) However when you use this glitch, you can access those 10 extra slot only with the Broken Molar, so empty you're pack and fill it up all at once because I'm pretty sure you will only need to do this glitch once.

I though wanted to see how much money you can carry before the game crashes, I never found the limit and I was in the billions.

Now why it's so confusing is it becomes a Legendary Weapon/Armor/Accessory. So decompress just a single one, and go to the Equipment Menu. It will be there! But Why?! And it has nothing on it, Level is 0, Slots are 0, Attack is 0, Durability is 0. You can not equip it, but you can delete and sell, though selling price is not as much as the Etc. one.

[Keep it down but go gambling with all that money, you didn't hear this from me! :D]


  1. Hey Lycal

    I updated the method for easier instructions, I have heard of no updates, but do let me know if you still can not obtain the Broken Molar.
    Happy Mob'n!

  2. I have the broken molar but I only get a delete option. It says, "this is a purchasable item. Are you sure you want to delete it?" If I say yes the it goes to the confirmation screen and if I do cancel then it justs cancels. Any help would be cool

    1. I've never heard of the Pack*3 glitch where you can not sell it to the Mokar shops. A screen shot would be quite handy, as well as a name for yourself for clarification.