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1st & 7th Major Diety/Boss: The Creeper (Hell Vine)

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

NOTICE: Since the Demon Dieties is not any different from the Originals, all guides have a name change.
Hell Vine is a +60 boss and the only difference is a colour change

Original Diety
Really, this is not needed, but I'll do it for the new people to W.F.

This is -the- easiest boss, only a level 10.
To be honest... It just some overgrown fungus that gained consciousness...

At the first sight, four others are battling said boss, you will notice ALLSTAR forgot there was only three by the camp fire, or the fourth was hidden.
EITHER WAY, they all lose. Dumb, yes? Well, you are the last one left to fight. (obviously you win)

How it starts, you are on the bottom left and Creeper will send vines through the ground to strike from below. This is how he attacks, so close the distance and swing away. Once your close enough, it will spring vines around it's body in an circle, not much you can do to avoid these and attack so bear through it, and once you health gets to low for your liking, run, use a potion, and resume attacking.

When the boss losses 1/3 of it's health, the camera following you will focus on the boss for a few seconds, when this happens, run. Because you are such a low level, your defence won't stand a chance. Drop the idea of attacking and go defensive. It will pulse a dark coloured purple which is poison. There are no runes to reduce the probability of poisoning. (I think there is an •Armor• set that reduces, I'm not entirely sure)

Back to the boss, after the whole pulsing thing is done, attack once more. But watch out, unless you have a combat pet with you, the flies that the Creeper spawns will gang up on you. Their number are 4, and have different colored eyes, but there all lightweights. Nothing special about them, easy kills right? That is if you weren't also fighting the first boss.

When you kill them all, it will respawn them when it's got a chance. Not only that, but it's using another attack, this one though is a line from it's body. Biggest problem about this, it's a physical attack and a trap. If your caught in it's trap, the vines will pull you towards it, and... Damn! It's trying to EAT you! Only way out of the trap is to swing around. It's either you chopping the vines that are grabbing you, or you worm your way out of it's grasp. Trouble is, three of the lines are thrown at you, and if you get out of the trap, there is a high chance it will use the trap attack again.

Once you get the next 1/3 down, it's back to poison. Oh by the way, when it's pulsing poison, or the camera is focus on the boss (or any boss) you will -always miss- until that attack is over.

No more attacks are added, just the frequency and probability of the attacks are adjusted.

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