Saturday, 5 November 2011

2nd & 8th Major Diety/Boss: The Chimera (Blaze Wing)

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

NOTICE: Since the Demon Dieties is not any different from the Originals, all guides have a name change.
Blaze Wing is a +60 boss and the only difference is a colour change

Original Diety
Alrighty second boss

The Chimera, 10x your size, and three heads? Nothing says split personality when...

Anyways, this boss is also easy, not without quirks though. Chimera will only attack in basic, it has not elemental powers.
These are just informative notes, not going to write a story.

The dominant head seems to be the lion, that head will paw/claw swipe at you. It's main close-in attack.
Next is the dragon, it will not breathe fire like normal, instead, it's head will bite at the ground and if you are above, below, or in front, of the boss attacking it, this head will pick you up, and throw you. Kind of pointless.
Last in the goats head, it seems to be asleep until you get to the 2nd stage of the boss, all it does is charge at you, and after 2-3 charges it needs oxygen, at this time, when it's heavily breathing, any strike upon it will be a crit.
The snake head tail does nothing, and the wings are only used twice.

1st Stage: Main attack is Lion, Second is Dragon, and if your unlucky, you might get the Goat as a last resort.
After 1/3 of it's health is gone, it will leap in the air, disappear for a few seconds, then pounce back in view, this is from the wings on it's back.

2nd Stage: Main is Lion and Dragon, with occasional Goat
Nothing will be added to it's attacks like the Creeper, though it did look as if it's strikes became a little faster.
Next 1/3 health gone, same as the first.

3rd Stage: All heads have equal propability of striking.
Again no added attacks, and another small increase of speed.

That's it, again loot will be determined by Luck, but since your a low level, just keep to the story line. [Check out the luck guide for info]

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