Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Accessory grades for Jewelry (lv.80+)

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Alright, I went through a bit of hell getting four of the five grades for the lv.80+ selection. I pick one from each grade I found 'best' to my standards. Soooo, here they are, General is first, Heroic is last, there is a Legendary, but after multiple hours, I gave up.

Here's a catch, each grade has a limited chance for certain runes.
General sticks with "Brown Runes"
Advance goes for both "Brown and Green Runes"
Rare goes for "Brown, Green, Blue, and rarely Pink Runes"
Heroic has chance for better grade so "Green, Blue, Pink, and utmost rare Yellow Runes"
Legendary: I'm not sure of because I have yet to find, or gamble one.

 General: It's got a +5 Dodging, if I found a +10 or +11 that would be worth wearing, no matter the class.

Advanced: This is better than the General, one of the best I've found, wear if find for any class. (In it's grade)

Rare: And one of the best found in it's class, with Rare, if you have enough Luck, you might find one with a Luck Attribute. (Minute Chance) Preferable for Scout or Tanker.

Heroic: Now I couldn't decide which one to keep and which to delete since you have limited room once you get past lv.40. Either way, as I look a second time, the Rune of Capacity Heroic Accessory is better.
Any Class

As for the Legendary I haven't found any due to my Character level, and Luck Attribute.

I'll make a post for lv.20-60 Accessories, their options soon enough.


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