Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gambling, Luck, and Legendaries

*This is a simple report of activity with more information on the Luck Guide*
(Images for all soon)

Last Friday (July 11th) with a Luck base of 112, gambled a Legendary Gauntlet. Critical blow +3, Electric Att +25% and Dodging +9, fair stats but not great.

To get this Luck, I waited until level 62 and the quest which you receive a Grade 8++ Luck Rune which gives 21~26. Using the 3* money glitch, gambled with just an Advanced grade until a full Rare set, using the Rune I repeatedly attempted for +26 using the no-save trick.

Then gambled for a luck valued Gauntlet as I noticed, each accessory above the other, has the Rune types bumped down per Rarity. If you do not know what that means, let focus on the Luck Rune. Gauntlets can obtain this Rune with Heroic Rarity, a Belt can have luck at Rare. This means the last Accessory (Gem) can have Luck on an Advanced Rarity, and only Legendary for Boots.

To add to the above, each Rarity above will possible give then next rank of any possible Rune. Meaning the Legendary Boots will only have a Grade 8 Luck rune, while a Legendary Belt can get a Grade 8++. (See Luck Guide for information about same grade ranks)

The above applies to all Accessory types and Runes in Gambling. Later on with 119 Luck, gambled a Legendary Belt, while I have an image it sadly didn't come with a Luck value. Continuing, found a Heroic Gem accessory with Luck +17, sadly this is a Lv.80 item, and being Lv.67 currently, it's going to be a hell of a grind to use it.

Out of boredom from being to low level for the Gem accessory, gambled a Legendary Partisan (Axe). It's attack rivals a Heroic Totem just slightly. Have yet to gamble a Legendary Armor set yet and will modify this post once I have with a time-stamp.

Good luck, have fun, and happy mob'n

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