Monday, 7 July 2014

Playthrough Week 1

Warning: This post is subjected to edits as there are two areas to follow

Starting yesterday (Sunday June 6th), I have created two characters. Each with their own set of rules.
Images: This will be slow if not at all before I obtain an solid ISP as I rather not ground my phones data

The first will be a Casual Gameplay, class choice Scout, using a stat pattern of +10 Mag every tenth level, and STR +1, DEX +3, CON +1 when 5 stats are available. Pet will be a Beeti as they are by default a Buff type, and will delete pet for another Beeti or similar flying type if failed evolve once reaching my level. Later on when I reach the cliffs for the Red Dragon, I will be taming the Mini-Boss Black dragon for their high basic stats/defence and ranged attacks. For armor and weaponry I'll be crafting advanced sets and grabing any rare or above I can find. Once of level I will be carrying a Rifle, however I won't use it more than a damage sustain for bosses or pull for mobs.

For Pets there are a few things I want to confirm,
(1) If I tame a mob above my level, and it's 5~10 level reduction is above my own level, what happens
(2) If a Pet truely has a second evolution chance at level 60 (Do not remember if this is true or false)
(3) If #2 is true, what happens if a pet reaches said level before matching player level
(4) If a Mini-Boss tamed into a Rare pet, upon reaching player level, has a chance for Heroic
(5) If #4 fails and reaches Lv.60, or #3 happens with a Rare pet
(6) The only way to attain a Heroic pet is through the Special Taming kit in Shop

Will not be gambling until I I have a full Water Dragon set for the Luck values. When I do, will focus on attaining higher armor grade first as the Luck value is better. Any luck runes will be kept for said time above, all others will be following the Rune List Guide for the Bosses until I can raid the last dungeon easily.

After a long period of 'completing' the game (as HardMode does not activate), I will be using the money glitch for gambling to see if I can obtain Legendary armor/weapons using the Water Dragon set, and if there is a 6th tier to be found though I highly doubt there is another (There are only 5 currently known, General, Advanced, Rare, Heroic, Legendary)

The second one being Express Gameplay, will be a Warrior buffed with 500+ stats on start and no more points set after that to calculate basic growth, as well as 10 points on each skill (Once player level passes requirement) to record maxed out stats and attacks given. Also will be using the 7*/3* piece money glitch for gambling to obtain all possible rarity types easily for the armor set guide. In my inventory, I have given myself the bag extension because small inventories, special pet kit for a hatchling later on, and the randomized 7 piece rune generator item from the shop. These are to use, record what runes that may be missing from the Rune List, not save, reload, and use again, repeating until I can confirm there are no more rune types to discover.

Why am I 'cheating' on this one?
Having previous beaten WildFrontier multiple time on all classes, before and after discovery of all previous glitches posted here without using them (legitimate runs), I feel like simply abusing the game as much as possible. 'For fun' would be a good way to describe it.

I will NOT, be giving out save files, nor will I be making a tutorial on how to cheat the system (Money glitch is different, there's a post on that). I do NOT encourage cheating/hacking, as most often you are required to break the console/device to do so, I however, am a spontaneous wizard at times. If you wish to cheat or hack the game, I absolutely encourage completing the game before you do so, if having cheated/hacked and spoiled the game for yourself, that is your own fault. Period.

Any question you may have, feel free to post
Also, if you noticed the Page Edits, yes I am indeed creating a basic forum for WF

Will write more later
Good luck, have fun, and happy mob'n


  1. So, are you still playing?

    1. Of course? Oh, right, weekly update. I forgot to release the drafts, my bad

  2. have you found answers to your questions stated in this post?