Sunday, 20 July 2014

Point Allocation

This is mainly to ones preference, however for new adventurers use this as a tip guide for your first play through. It's not defined as 'you should', it's more 'consider' as I've ran through this game plenty of times with different scenarios. An example is a No Point or Rune, Tanker, which I got stuck on the Kraken. That was fun to figure out

There are four parts, I'll give their full name and what they modify
STR // Strength // Modifies: Attack
DEX // Dexterity // Modifies: RNG (Range/Gun), ACR (Accuracy), DDG (Dodge)
CON // Constitution // Modifies: HP (Health)
INT // Intelligence // Modifies: SP (Spirit Points/Mana/Magic/etc), RNG (Range/Gun)

Whoops, I mistakenly said MAG previously instead of INT when I wasn't playing. I'll go fix that in any post I made, sorry. Also, the amount each point gives has a changing value, it will increase at first, but after a number of points given it will cap and decrease. This is to discourage stacking on a single Stat. Smart KTH

Warning: Each set is based on 3 levels for a total +9 points available
Warning: INT // Intelligence is for Skill use/Dashing, not much is needed to be effective
Please note: Once again, this are all suggestions or reference to what you want
Dashing: Double tapping in any direction twice, you will move quickly in said direction

Warrior : Heavy, large hits, has a wide attack range for multiple hits
Hard hits;
STR+6 // DEX+1 // CON+1 // INT+1

STR+2 // DEX+1 // CON+5 // INT+1

All around;
STR+3 // DEX+2 // CON+3 // INT+1

Tanker : Slow, defensive, able to stand fast against bad numbers
Decent hits;
STR+5 // DEX+1 // CON+2 // INT+1

STR+2 // DEX+2 // CON+4 // INT+1

All around;
STR+2 // DEX+3 // CON+3 // INT+1

Scouter : Quick, light hitting, but chains attack combos until the enemies are dead
Quick hits;
STR+5 // DEX+2 // CON+1 // INT+1

STR+1 // DEX+5 // CON+2 // INT+1

All around;
STR+3 // DEX+3 // CON+2 // INT+1

All skills are only possible to adventurers preference. But some advice would be
> Max out your class unique skill (Bottom left)
> Do not add points to the three weapon types unless you are dedicated to that type
> Gun (Bottom right half) is very linear and weak, discourage use beyond pull/finisher/out of melee range
> Higher level finishing moves cost more SP and deal less damage than spamming the early ones
> Passives should have a high consideration as they are constantly active and very helpful
> Do not encourage anything with Knockback if any, you want the mobs dead as fast as possible
> Your Super Skill (Lv50 Purple) is highly useful while getting it often isn't


  1. That was really thanks :-) I did a tanker with purely CON and STR on a 2:1 ratio, not spending on anything else. Don't know how much the others are useful for tanker...

    1. You will want some DEX once you aim for the Red Dragon which is after the revisit of the four Dieties. The Creeper, Chimera, Salamander and Kraken. Not saying you have too, but all bosses after those four have a major threat in stacking damage. Mainly for DDG, which can be gained from a Runes as well, but it's taking up a slot you can apply stat points to while another Rune can be more useful.

      This is what I mean when I say player preference