Friday, 18 July 2014

Rarity list

Gambling with the (Express Gameplay), there are a confirmed five and only five rarity types with armor.
Each has their own Armor/Defence rating per rank, the stat bonuses however are as previously stated

Rarity types go by this order
General --> Advanced --> Rare --> Heroic --> Legendary

As for the Armor/Defence between rarities, it's a give/take of 25%
Will calculate a better number when I've obtained a full recipe set of a certain piece

For Bonus Stats, General will only have the one (first stat). Advanced and beyond will have two (both)
A full Legendary set unfortunately does not have three stats. Shame..

Mixing rarities will results in the lowest grade stats. Having a General with two above ranks will result to 2/3 of the secondary stat bonus, two Generals with an above rank will result in 1/3 of the secondary stat. And other mix above this (Example: one Adv, two Lgn) will have 2/3 of the secondary stat

Edit: As Olu has stated in the comment below, I realised some people will skip over the above when using Tanker class. S/He is right, the second stat promotes use of an entire set of one rarity. Mixing with this class will further dampen the bonus as it has a four piece set so each piece is worth 1/4 (Where as Scout and Warrior is 1/3) and does not mix unless same rarity.

As for Weapons, the same applies except it's for Attack, the same 25% variance also applies here
Each weapon at one level will be just slightly rivalling the next levels minus one rarity tier
So a Legendary Partisan will rival a Heroic Totem

Oh, and lastly the colour schemes. All piece of equipment (Weapons and Armor) will have alternate colours varying between each set, the only one to have a definite similarity will be the Legendary which can be compared to the last dungeon colour scheme (Hell). However a Legendary Partisan is.. pitch black and burning blue? Interesting..


  1. fuck, it ate my last comment. ok here we go again: first setbonus depends on the number of items of the same set. second setbonus depends on the number of items of the same rarity (above general). all same rarity -> full bonus; 3 rare or 3advanced or 2rare/2advanced -> 3/4 bonus; 2rare+? or 2advanced+? -> 2/4 bonus. all for tanker class.

    1. Damn it I signed out instead of posted the comment, genius Blogger layout.

      If you need me to gather Heroic and Legendary pieces to further that data just let me know, I'm sitting on Luck +127 right now (Unsure if I'm getting it all as +9 is on my gun, and luck on weapons may not apply or only apply when it's your active idle. I'm not sure about that) I'll also be pulling some wizardry soon as it takes three days per level now (being lazy, but I'm also busy elsewhere/life) with just the last free quest board (5k exp per quest, five quests a day) so I might jailbreak my ipod, hack for what I need/want, then restore.

      Heck, I mind as well try to crack Hell Mode while I'm at it if possible

    2. well only saw this post now. i don't think not being able to play hell mode is a bug. its just not implemented (yet). they had it on their roadmap, but their budget was to short or anything. it would be so nice if they put their code open source, so ppl could fix bugs, do some balancing and implement hell mode. but i guess that will never happen :( this game has so much potential, but is in no way in a finished state....

    3. This is true, the game is incomplete, the last mission can not be completed, exactly for the reason of missing data to move on. However the 'bug' I'm pointing is at Moking not having a golden ? for the quest, and has replaced dialog to "From now on, You can explore all world" when the mission/quest says to speak to Moking.

      Lets not start on how the English translation needs improvement, but lets question why didn't they just add in a quest to stop it there instead of partial effort when it's been, what, 5 years since it's release? ALLSTAR went inactive in late 2011.

  2. i have calculated the gains of defense for general->advanced and advanced->rare. it's relative precicesly 25%!

    1. Relative and Precisely are two different meanings, but thanks

  3. ;D its 25% but I don't know whether they have rounded, floored or what ever, so just adding 25% gives you an you +/- 1 of the real value. i also don't know if the displayed number is the real value. so the general weapon may state it has 20 attack power while in fact it got 20.9. 20*1.25=25 != 20.9*1.25=26.125