Monday, 7 July 2014


DEX GODMODE IS FALSE (Express Gameplay)

Without any armor or runes, at DEX stat point 412, you are, in theory, invulnerable. You will have exactly 100% DDG (Dodge) and well over 100% ACC (Accuracy). I stopped there and gathered aggression to test this. The mobs missed consistently until Beeti's solidly hit around 30% of the time, Pitz hit 10% of the time.

This concludes a few things,
(1) Mobs might have an absolute hit roll
(2) Some mobs have a passive skill to ignore defence/dodge
(3) Just because you avoid an attack from a mob/boss, does not mean you avoid the skills extra stats like element (Ice/Slow, Fire/Burn, Electric/Half Attack) or status (Decreased defence, Stunned, etc)

After the above, I questioned if having 100% is similar to 0%. So applying more points to DEX, somewhere near +1000 (one thousand) you will LOSE all points and reset to an visual 0%. Shocked I gain aggression, and was hit 100% of the time from every mob/boss yet the damage was minimal.

Further investigation is needed, however. I highly doubt anyone of you adventurers will go pure Dex (highly discouraged) Though, I say that, I'm pretty sure one of you will do it anyways. Have fun with that ruined character <3 (Unless stat reset scroll)



  1. The mobs accuracy value is computed against your dodge value, which makes 100% invulnerabilty impossible. What was the level of the beeti and the pitz you have faught? Beeti accuracy at level (lvl,acc): (1,0.2), (10,2.4), (50,12.0). When looking at the numbers you might be right: there is a cap. This needs further investigation. I think you need to understand the calculations. This needs some data with accuracy and hitrate of your champion. I got some data on dodgevalues of mobs.

    I think the resistance vaues are used for dodging the elemental part of attacks.

  2. Ha. Champions. League reference? I'm not sure where you're pulling that acc/ddg data from but it seems valid from gameplay. I want to try cracking the .ipa for it's code but without the decompile key it's going to be a hassle. The Beeti and Pitz are the first few mobs you face beside the tutorial ones

    Yes, resistance is your dodge for element attacks

    1. I wasn't thinking about League, but I'm playing it as well. Reverse engineering that stuff would take you so much time, it's not even worth thinking about it. The acc/ddg I was taking from the data shown after taming them. I tamed quite a few mobs, leveled them and pulled every bit of data i could get. They are all following a pattern. Only HP seems kind of random. I think rare mobs get double the amount of HP compared to regular ones. I think the funny gains in HP result from 2 factors every level. Because just like players, mobs get a flat amount of HP every level. When putting statpoints into CON they get the amount regulated by CON-stat. So mobs might have their own main attributes, that they put points into when leveling up.