Saturday, 5 January 2013

Last Major Boss: Diablo [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

This demon... nearly tops the annoyance list (Kraken is the worst...)

Diablo, a demon partly unsealed from some kind of floating gem...
He's Lv.66 and the last boss of the game (Hopefully*)
Difficulty: 9/10

He is not the hardest boss I've seen in RPG's but he is definitely a nuisance. If your are Scouts, stick away from the element attacks (Unless you're confident your dodge and health is high enough) Warriors same thing but you are the pot chugger any but be watchful of stacking damage, and Tanker, well not much I can say because you're a class based off of defence.

Stage 1:
Difficulty: 1/10

At the start, he's the easiest boss, he just sits there staring at you. Moving towards you after some time only to clap you in his hands. Though once you drain 1/3rd his health he will disappear and two smaller Diablo's appear.

Stage 1.5:
Difficulty: 3/10

These guys do not attack with the physical punches like the larger one does, they will attack with elements. Both are vulnerable to your attacks, though their element attacks depend on where all three of you stand but it's still somewhat random. They will use all three types of elements on you so be watchful for your weakest element. You can either whack away or just run around, eventually they will disappear and the normal body re-appears.

Stage 2:
Difficulty: 5/10

The main body will now use elements with his attacks. If you're just standing underneath whacking away, you will see a lot of Ice/Wind. If you are running around (For Gun or the cooldown on the pots) there'll be a good number of Fire Pillars. Lighting is not used much or at all in this stage. Again, you need to drop his health down another 1/3rd

Stage 2.5:
Difficulty: 3/10

Once again the Mini-Diablo's until the main body re-appears again

Stage 3:
Difficulty: 9/10

Now, he's just going to give you a bad day when fighting for the first time. He will spawn 4 Golems of various types, but they are all the same difficulty. Which is actually harder than outside this boss battle. Yes you can defeat them, but it's a massive waste of time due to Diablo spawning in 4 more after you kill them all. Even if you only kill 3, he'll just spawn 3 more. So don't bother.

Next part, he teleports from each corner of the map to another corner. Will not move towards you, you have to continuously chase him down. If you run for point to point quick enough and smack away, the golems will not catch you. However Diablo will not punch you anymore, but stacks upon stacks of elements will be thrown.

Best piece to top it off, Diablo introduces a 4th element. Gravity. A black ball with a purple ring, will suck you inside and deal damage, as long as you are not inside there will be no damage. This power is rarely used however, only if you're not chasing him down and fighting the 4 golems will he use it on you. Even then, it's quite rare to happen.

Lastly, attack patterns. Same deal with the Mini-Bosses, distance from him determines the attack type. Though, because it's the last boss, there needs to be an overkill of element usage. Not only that but from the amount of teleports, he's recovery time is hard to manage. Save the SP pots for dashing.

The way all versions of Diablo will attack:
(Not 100% correct, more of a majority use)

Both Mini-Diablos are on one side of the map, you on the other. Expect a ton of Fire Pillars and maybe a bit of Lighting.

One Mini-Diablo is on one side, you and the other are on the other. Expect Fire Pillars from the far one, and Ice Swirls and then Lightning Chain upon teleport from the closest.

If all of you are within gun distance, expect them to close in and use Ice/Lightning Attacks then teleport away leaving Lighting stacks.

Stage 3 version only:
Fire Pillar Rows (Each row has 5-8 Pillars, up to three rows)
Ice/Wind Swirls (Up to three will be blasted before he teleports)
Lighting Chains (Just a couple of stacks, only upon teleports or at gun distance)
Gravity Well (After a set amount of time not attacking Diablo, he will then use and overuse these)

Until death you'll need to aggressively engage this battle. Once defeated, loot the invisible corpse (Sealed back into the floating jewel) and head for the doorway at the top right. You will be automatically brought into threater mode for about 5 minutes.

*Why do I say hopefully Diablo is the last boss? Hell Mode is broken, so we do not know the other half of Wild Frontier. For the Next/"last mission", please click on "Very Bad News People" at the bottom on the guide tool at the top left page navigator on this site.


  1. hey how about warrior? How do warriors defeat Diablo if a Scout which has high dodge/accu. haad a hard time beating him?

  2. I am currently working on both a Tanker and Warrior file. So it's going to be later when I type that. So far, I've actually found the Stats you add to STR, DEX, CON, and INT are not needed. On both files I'm at the kraken, and not a point spent... lol

    As for having a hard time with Scout, yes it was the first time because it a new boss, not like the Demon Dieties rip-offs of the original Dieties. All I can really say is at the last 1/4 of his Health, run straight towards him, avoid the rock giants, and swing as much as possible. It will go down, but if your not strong enough, his regeneration rate will heal the damage you do. So spend a small number on STR, no matter the class.

  3. I just finished it with Warrior and i'm not going to lie it is TOUGH, I pretty much had a full out STR build however I was lucky and got some damn good resitance runes. My resistances were, Fire-86%, Electric - 54% and Ice 34%. I would highly reccomend any warrior to go a 2:1 strength to con distribution otherwise you are just too damn weak and die so quickly, there were times where I was dieing so quickly that I couldn't use my legendary potions fast enough because of their cooldowns. I defeated him at level 65 in the end with the help of a First aid kit pack (I could have done it without but I just wanted to finish the game to see the story at the end). On a side note, WHAT THE HELL, that ending was so unsatisfying and had no content at all...quite sad I have to say... would have really liked to see more of Lamia and the main char at the end but oh well, whats done is done. Oh and T Ashton been reading your guide for a while and I thought a good idea for your boss guides (when theyre done) would be to add level guides, so what level range you should be in in order to defeat him as otherwise it may be too difficult.

    1. Awesome, and congrats. Yes, the ending is incomplete. There was a post made previously "Very bad news people (End of Game)"

      Level suggestions would be grand however having not touched the game for a prolonged period of time, I do not know the levels I was at for each boss. Can't give a guessed level as it can be way off/false information. Sorry, I will add it when I have proper means (Owning a iDevice)

      Happy Mob'n