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Warrior Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

The original guide is made by Weixun, click here

Just a few tips on the Warrior class as it being the 'Most Powerful Class', but in actual terms, STR is not always everything, I've gotten by with Scout because of DEX, and Tank with no stats and just DEF from my armor. Wish there were other classes like an wizard or archer. Anyways, you're an badass wielding a 2H. Stick to damage based tactics, and skills. A gun may be handy, but only as a pull nothing more.

Here's the Warrior skill tree from Weixun. Quite simple really, though some skills are more useful than you may think while others are a bust for any points spent on them.

Two-handed Weapon Mastery - Passive
Increase attack power when using two-handed weapons. Available with two-handed weapons.

Sword Mastery - Passive
Increases attack power of swords.

Ax Mastery - Passive
Increases critical blow rate of ax.

Blunt Weapon Mastery - Passive
Increases defense ignore rate of blunt weapon.

Well, I going to have to say the Sword/Axe/Blunt mastery is 'not so useful' If you prefer one of the three, put 3 at most on that mastery, but DO NOT put any on Axe what so ever. The Critical increase is a waste of points. Blunt is more useful than Sword just because not matter the enemy, it will 'ignore' the DEF compared to Sword where it's final attack power can be countered by DEF. But overall, both are highly the same.

Shoot - Action
Ranged attacks on enemies with rifle

Insnare Shot - Action
Attack enemies with a special bullet

Rapid Fire - Buff
Maximizes shooting speed

Doomsday - Action
Shoots at all enemies

If you haven't noticed Ensnare is spelt Insnare, that's AllStar translation for you. Do not use a Gun for anything but a pull when your Warrior. Gun is for DEX classes, and if you have a higher DEX than STR as Warrior, you're doing it wrong, really really wrong.

Equipment Switch - Action
Immediately switches 1 and 2 weapon sets

If you have two good weapons, this becomes useful if one is about to break. Or if you like to switch between the quick Sword style to the slow and steady Blunt (Hammer really...) or maybe the head-heavy Axe

Precision Strike - Chain
Attacks ignoring enemies' dodge/defence

Counterattack - Timing Chain
A powerful counterattack after dodging

Cross Counter - Passive
Able to counterattack when hit by critical blow

Muscular Training - Passive
Increases strength

Points towards Precision Strike should be for people Favouring Sword. Counterattack is useful, but not enough for more than the minimal amount of points for the next skill. Cross Counter is misjudged, put a utmost of 5 since it will raised your attack for a few second when hit with a crit, which is just often enough. Muscular Training is a must, Warrior is all about handing your opponents ass to them, so max it.

Charge - Charge Chain
A swift dashing attack with charged strength

Smash - Chain
A powerful attack to knock down enemies, will stun for 2 seconds

Break - Passive
Decreases enemies' defence at Charge and Smash

Charge, ehhhh... probably best paired with a long range gun attack to pull, and then charge forward, but it's kinda a waste because of the length you travel compared to the objects on the map. Smash is very useful for mobs. Break isn't all great, but if you like gun'n'charge, spend only 3 on any of these.

Bash - Finish Blow
A powerful cleave over enemies

Cleave - Passive
Increase damage of finish skills

Whirlwind - Finish Blow
Attacks surrounding enemies while rotating

Breakthrough - Finish Blow
A powerful cleave through a group of enemies

Bash, yes, max it because you should use this special the most. Cleave raises the final attack power of all finishing skills so if you can save points by applying the minimum and getting near the same damage as if you maxed Bash or the other two. Whirlwind, now that's a cool final, us when surrounded by mobs from all sides, but do not use on an boss unless it's the Salamander or the Twin Dragons. Breakthrough however, definitely use this on bosses, and lead mobs into a narrow section, turn around and activate. If the cool down wasn't so high, you could rinse and repeat every map grinding quite effectively.

Bleed - Action
Damages enemies, Slow recovery of opponents, Increase critical blow rate

Drain Life - Passive
Recovers HP with hit by Bleed

Threaten - Action
Knocks down surrounding enemies, may stun

Fear - Action
Confuses surrounding enemies

Berserker Chain - Super Chain
Enables all skills with double attack power

Bleed is a must for both mobs but especially bosses, spend a good number of points. Drain Life is a little confusing, if it recovers your health when a mob is de-buffed with bleed, or you are. Threaten, only useful for mob'n, no use for bosses, same with Fear, if you like mob'n, spend up to 3. Berserker Chain is also odd, I've never used it before. Probably makes a set time where you use any skills they do twice the normal damage. Not sure.

Bravery - Buff
Ignores enemies' attacks, No knockback, Not paralyzed when hit

Rage - Passive
Increases attack power when Bravery is used

Bravery is useful against enemies that stun you, but I don't know any mobs for knockback besides the mini-bosses, still useful. Rage is just another power up after Bravery, don't bother.

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