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Scout Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

For Qvazzler's Scout guide click here

Scout was my first class, and while using the other two save slots to see if I made the right choice, I did in fact since I'm the type to lead a entire map of monsters into a narrow area (Like 300/Spartans) and kill them with ease. Along with Qvazzler I'll write my own opinions on which to spend on and not.

>>> Scout Summary - Do not expect to 'tank' with this class. (Soak up damage) <<<
Scout may be quick to the draw, chain many combos and have a high critical chance but your hits are weak leaving you with low DPS at first which can decide battles. This class brings a different difficulty of who draws first, who can evade better. If you seek a challenge Scout is the way to go in Wild Frontier

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This is your skill tree in W.F, much like the Diablo series. Each I have not taken the time to gain levels to invest the minimum for all the skills, I tend to prefer a specific run each time I start over. things you might want to know before then.

I'll say it now, this guide was originally done by Qvazzler, though I have recieved word that he's discontinued he's adventure in Wild Frontier. While saddening, some don't have the time or have just moved on.

Forewarning, like all games plan your skill tree first. Don't expect the skill be usable every second like Bash or turn you invincible. Some skills you should invest to 10 while others shouldn't be bothered with. Keep them until you are sure of what style you want to play.

Dual Wield Mastery - Passive
Increases critical blow rate when using dual wield weapons.
Able to equip two small weapons

Sword Mastery - Passive
Increases attack power of swords

Axe Mastery - Passive
Increases critical blow rate of ax

Blunt Weapon Mastery - Passive
Increases defence ignore rate of blunt weapon

Yes, having this masteries is a great idea, though here is your decision. Are you going to stick with Swords and Final Attack Power (lv.10=25%), Axes and their expansive Critical increase (lv.10=10%), or go with Blunt types and smack down everything like paper ignoring their defence? (lv.10=25%) In the end, Sword and Blunt are the same, and unless you have a bunch of Crit Runes to socket, Axes are not only slow but weak.

Shoot - Action
Ranged attack on enemies with rifle

Insnare Shot - Action
Attack enemies with a special bullet

Rapid Fire - Buff
Maximize shooting speed

Doomsday - Action
Shoots at all enemies

When you become introduced into the gun selection, to be honest, it sucks. Though once you got the range/close range transition for maximum damage at lv.20 you will want to spend some point on these. I find that having to spend five points on the first three to get the next level exaggerated, it should only be three each. Doomsday is definitely worth the absolute waste of 15 points, but I must encourage you not to do so unless you are near pure DEX and a little CON.

Venom Strike - Chain
Poisons enemies

Trap - Charge Action
Sets a trap that attacks enemies

Poison Prison - Passive
Increases probability of poison attack with trap

Insnare Trap - Charge Action
Sets a trap that ties enemies

Traps are not essential. Now wait a second, I didn't say Venom Strike was a trap, and here is the really handy thing about this Chain Command. Using this during the last boss fight makes it unbelievably easy, it is a must to spend at least three points. You can waste a a couple of points so you can trap and gun down mobs for some outside entertainment, just be careful you don't spend points you'll need later.

Bash - Finish Blow
A powerful cleave over enemies

Shadow Blink - Finish Blow
Attacks multiple enemies with a clone

Flash - Finish Blow
A critical blow on enemies on status effects

Definitely spend a number of points on Bash, Shadow Blink though you'll bee to be south of any Boss/Mob unless you want to waste SP. The last finish blow is great on damage, though unless you have spent a whack load on INT, Flash is not only a time limit use, but if you never spent a point for Mana, its a massive waste since a lv.10 Bash does the same damage as s lv.6 Flash and can be used constantly after two successful hits.

Hide - Buff
Hides to evade attack

Ambush - Passive
Adds confusion effect when attacking after Hide

Assassin Chain - Super Chain
Enables all skills with 100% critical blow

While Hide and Ambush are practically useless with their effects, this RPG is fast paced, and unless your the Tank Class, I would not be standing around while being attacked. Assassin Chain on the other hand is useful if your having trouble pulling crits with skills for extra damage. I suggest one to three points, but do not use this if you don't mind not having crits all the time since you're screen does jerk when you perform a critical.

Dexterity Training - Passive
Increases agility

Swiftness - Buff
Maximizes moving speed

Slice and Dice - Buff
Maximizes attacking speed

Dexterity Training, must unless you want to die. The more DEX you have, the more chance you will pull off those times where you get the entire maps of monsters to attack you, and win. Swiftness is alright, though other than being handy in a boss fight like the Salamander and getting to and from cities, it's useless, spend the required points to get Slice and Dice. Now if you have the slow Axe and Blunt weapons, SaD is perfect to smack any boss down quickly, even swords speed up to a tornado spin, it's awesome, must have.

Slash - Chain
Blocks fleeing enemies

Rend - Timing Chain
100% critical blow right after missing target

Vital Point Study - Passive
Possible to rend right after dodging

Slash is kind of useless, never follow the idiot running since their only going to come back with possible friends. Rend is very useful if you SOMEHOW miss a hit. Though any Scout spending points on DEX for dodge (Essential, use those damn Dodge Runes!) will bring you accuracy very high. My old scout having 129.7% accuracy (With armor/weaponry) I never miss, though since your class is all about speed, a single miss won't effect you. Now Vital Point Study is a YES, since you spend so much DEX, an average Scout (Low-mid level/lv20-ish) should dodge 1/4 of all attacks, and any dodge, will give you more power in your next attack.

Critical Blow Training - Passive
Increases critical blow rate

Eviscerate - Passive
Increases damage of critical blow

Practically mandatory skills for general damage with a crit every other second if max'd, can't say much more since they're only passive, always active whether in battle or not.

Equipment Switch - Action
Immediately switches 1 and 2 weapon sets

No need for an overview, there are no upgrades to this Action. It's just really handy if you can't decide which weapon pair you want to use, so equip both and switch when needed, also the no cool down is great since if you accidentally touch the action, you can switch back quickly.


  1. Add up more info about the Venom Strike, that friggin skill is a lot of help as i have used it a lot, cuz the poison stacks although with a lil bit of chance but still helpful, and really is a must use

  2. @Trax Yeah, thats why it's so good. I've already put information together, but I have yet to find the Percential Damage for both levels. (The twin dragons, level 1 is 222, level 2 is 444, there is also a possibility of a level 0.9/1.1 = 234/254 and a level 1.9/2.1 = 432/465, weird no?)

  3. I'm a fully DEX scout, mainly use gun to attack, with super evade and accuracy :)
    skills are passive skills and gun attack skills

  4. the attack that can't hit me, nomatter how strong it is, is useless

  5. hope that there is online n W.F :)

    1. That be a no, it's an RPG of it's own statement from Korea. There is no online part but you can take photo's and streams of gameplay and post it.