Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Guide set-up [Revised]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Hello you crazy adventure seeking players
I welcome you to one of the few Wild Frontier blogs and guides

The name is JJ, previously it was T.Ashton, but that's another story. I have created this site for your entertainment and guidelines for your in-game experience. I will do my best to help you understand what you are currently stuck on, what you've passed by, and what will happen in the near future.

First a bit of history:
When Wild Frontier first became an app, it's price was originally $0.99 going free a number of times, settling upon a $3.99 and back to free for some reason. (Maybe because of the sequel... I'm not sure) Yes there is a Wild Frontier 2 whether there will be an "English" Version is still debatable. Cross your fingers!

The URL states the blog is complete, this was not the case for over a year as I updated as I went through the stroyline many times under all three classes. Now, I'm back to finish what's been started.

There will be posts taken down to be revised then posted back up, it'll take a few days for all the posts to be done. However there are some new posts coming as well which I have yet to see on other sites. This makes me quite happy to be the first. :3

As always, I'll say if you are in need of info I don't currently have try google'n another guide site as I know a few (Suggest Qvazzler's)



  1. Hey thnx a lot for this Guide, helped a lot :) anyway why don't you make a facebook page that will help players a lot, and the benefit of it is that there might be faster communication with the players, and interaction can also be much faster, rather than doing the forum which is almost the same as leaving a comment in a facebook page :) just an idea

  2. @Anonymous It could be, but a Wild Frontier Facebook Page? I'll have to say no for a Home page, but as an announcement page (ex Rune guide update! Check it!) that could work.

  3. Yes as an anouncement page, it will be used as a page to also redirect others to this page if ever they wont know any other guides that they can find, and Facebook can also be used as a much easier means of chatting with other players i guess, and others can add up things that they found out about the game, then you just add it up in this guide for much easier and faster updates

  4. @Anonymous ... I think, posting any guides on Fb is pointless, as a redirect yes, announcements yes, pictures yes (provided they are mailed to me since it be -my- Fb)

    Forum sounds really good since I can't post or update anything by iPhone....... Fail blogger fail