Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pet/Taming Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Ok where to start...

Pets, they are your small fuzzy little friend. The is quite a large variety in which you can choose for a pet, however you can only have SMALL mobs as pets. It's quite obvious which ones you can have for pets and others you can not.

To start off, wait until you first reach Cemal. Roland will give you a side quest to find an adorable little mob as your tag-along buddy. He will give you a level 1 pet taming kit, but one will not be enough majority of the time. Go to the Mokar shop and buy a max of 9 more taming kits. (Find a map of the mob you wish to tame, save and do not switch maps. Begin taming and if you somehow fail ten times, you can go to the main menu without saving, and select your file again having ten more tries)

Once you have them, you can choose currently between a few mobs at the start of the story: Seed, Pod, Mush, Boar, Octo, Squee, Pitz (Or Sharp Ear Pitz), Corpi, Hornet, Crabby, Chikki, or Beeti. Each of these mobs are different in their own ways, and do not change upon taming. Ranged stay ranged, and close-combat is, well you know.

(The farther you are in the story the more mobs you can tame, but only the small ones. Later when you find the Hatchlings which are tiny element breathing dragons. Those are the best to have due to their high defensive nature and ranged attack with an element, however your pet being rare is kinda a higher value than them since they are VERY HARD TO TAME and from that the Rare Hatchlings are quite difficult to obtain. It be best to use a Special Taming Kit from the Cash Shop on them.)

Now upon taming each pet will be assigned 1 of the three types of pets. There are:

Helps fight monsters (Only becomes aggressive when other mobs become aggressive against you, will not attack bosses)

Provides those buff runes socketed on separate equipment, when equipped  to the pet, will give you and your buddy the bonus. (Ex. Pitz with a 'rune of annihilation general scimitar' [+40 DMG], will give you both the DMG bonus)

Upon any monsters death, your pet will swiftly, and quickly harvest the loot. I've rarely found loot pets useful, unless your mobbing. (Have an entire map attack you)

Pros and Cons about each type:

Pro; Helps you fight, often being able to take/deal higher damage than yourself. !! Will not attack bosses !!
Con; Pet is vulnerable to any attack, and more often than not, will die fairly quickly from not nearly enough DEF, or DEX as yourself. (Coming from a Scout class point of view)

Pro; Any socketed rune equipped on your pets weapon/armor will be given to you and your pet.
Con; Pet will NOT fight, still vulnerable to any attacks, unless Rare or Heroic with combat as another option.

Pro; Will move directly towards fallen enemy, then often moves out of way if combat persist.
Con; Will not aid in combat, also vulnerable to attacks. Best to be paired with another option. (Rare/Heroic)

With that said you're probably wonder why I stated pets can be Rare/Heroic. Your first pet is most likely a General. Unless you go back and tame Puppy (Do not tame it, I will post soon on why) When you tame a monster, it will drop 5 levels of Exp. Then once it catches up in levels to be on par, there is a chance of your pet becoming Rare. You will get a notification on the screen about the success or failure. If your pet succeeds becoming Rare, at level 60 there will be another roll to see if your pet evolves into a Heroic. This roll is very very small for success. So try not to have your fingers crossed.

However there is an easier way to have a Heroic pet. The special taming kit from the in-game cash shop from AllStar. Upon taming your pet will become Rare automatically, and at level 60 (Same as the normal way) it will roll to succeed or fail in Heroic evolution. This roll however is bigger than the normal method. A better chance for your pet to have all three types, only trade off is you're paying real money for some data you'll toss away later.


  1. Boars use 2h and shoulder pad.

  2. later on in the game you can tame little dragons of different elements. boy are they strong. i was trying to loot heaps of stuff so i ran around a whole map to get every mob to attack me. before i had the chance to kill any of them at all around 3/4 of them were dead. thanks to my pet dragon. i found that the black dragon is the best because it is llightning. fire isnt too bad, and neither is water/ice.

  3. Thanks guys, will add in time. The mini dragons are a bit of a pain to obtain since I was rarely ever to catch one. What I did know was Ice slows, Fire burns, and Lighting cuts attack in half. :D

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing your insights. I was wondering how i could obtain a strong pet. So I got a few questions:
    1. Is there a miniboss for every type of pet tameable?
    2. Have you got a list of small minibosses?
    3. Have you got data on stats, types and gear of different pets?
    4. Is the attackspeed also changing for the pet, when equipping different kinds of weapons?
    5. So the hatchling seems to be kind of the best pet. Is there a mini-boss hatchling somewhere?
    6. Is it true, that a combat type always becomes a combat/loot? So a loot becomes a loot/buff and a buff becomes a buff/combat?
    7. Isn't the buff/combat rare the best one, because my combat/loot prefers looting over fighting, so its pretty useless at farming (except for the looting part) and against bosses anyway?
    8. Which mini-boss would you advice to tame?

    1. Warning, long ass post. Also I'm more or less semi-active here until I get an iDevice, so apologies for delay being as you posted April 4th

      1.1 : Yes and no. There are many mini-bosses but not for every type, or at least I didn't encounter all of them. In your monster catalogue, there is all the information you need.

      1.2 : As for tameable, it's level dependant and any small mob that has untranslated named, PLEASE DO NOT TAME IT FOR SAFETY. I've lost lots of data and game saves from these. (The one I can remember is the 4-5th floor Boss (right before Salamander) has a small illegible (Thai) name, it will crash you)

      2 : No, the one I know from memory due to time played was Puppy being the very first Mini you encounter, it's a quest and it can also break your inventory by losing a slot

      3 : No, I was going to build this when I obtained another iDevice that would support WF however I've yet to find the time or one being sold nearby that's not locked to a company (iPhone) However do note there are so many stats, I'd have to use general and refer you to the rarity page for stat calculation (I don't see why not just make a drop down calculator wouldn't be amazing)

      4 : I believe it be so, they also have their own stats so if you give them a weapon with Rune of Swiftness on it, they should be incredibly fast, and as a bonus if they are a Buff pet you gain this Rune as well on your currently active equipment

      5 : Yes, they have a naturally high defence and resistance and can easily match up in attack to Tank. I've never actually had a pet long enough to see if it out dps my Scout, rarely did I use Warrior

      6 : No, or at least I'm unsure. I never tested out if the pet types always are the same per type, pet mob, or if there was a defined rule they go by. From memory if felt random however there are very few choices, so it may look like it goes in a circle

      7 : Which type, and which type combination is all about your preference. If you do not like you current then you can swap out, however doing this at a low level is highly recommended as higher levels take longer for the pet to reach you, and if you pass lv.60 I'm not sure if they gain both chances to evolve being one is reaching your level and then reaching lv.60 themselves. If you're going to switch your do it before the Chimera, pets are quick to catch up but if after the Kraken you will need to grind more than you should as you will level up with your pet leading you to possibly be overpowered and undergreared

      8 : Unless I'm dreaming some non-existant mob due to having played WF for years, I could be totally wrong about it. // He is very, very hard to tame. I've only successfully got him once and he went turned into a Loot pet. (I was so mad) The lighting spitting black mini-boss dragon, he's up in the heights before the Red Dragon (When rescuing Lamia)

      You may say "Why is the dragon your aim for a pet when you previously stated don't switch out after Kraken"?. It's due to the pets usefulness. If you need a pet to help you (Your first run through or easier gameplay) then best to have one at the beginning and stick with him because as soon as you hit lv.60, they are right there with you. If they are Stage 2 (Rare) they have a chance for evolving to Heroic.

      However after you beat the game, you know pretty much know 80% of the game, the rest is grinding levels for the rest of the armor and completing the mod catalogue as Hardcore mode will not activate/broken. So as to why I choose him is because I don't need a pet other than looting until I reach the point where I can tame it