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Tanker Guide [Finished]

Edit: New information has been posted, check July 2014

Original Tanker guide is >here<
Pictures will be re-added, they somehow broke...

Quick summary:
As the class name states, you're basically a 'tank'. A moving fortress of excessively high defence and health. You can herd an entire map a couple of levels above you and win with a small amount of strategy. One main knock off is you're trading DPS and Base damage for your Def and Hp, you can take but you can't really deal it back quickly.

Images fixed! +1

Once again this is the skill tree for the Tanker class, like the others only different skills. Like all classes some are better than others, but this tree focuses on Tanker style much better than Scouts or Warriors which you can do a couple of different styles.

Shield Mastery-Passive
Increases defense power when using a shield

Sword Mastery-Passive
Increases attack power of swords

Ax Mastery-Passive
Increases critical blow rate of axe

Blunt Weapon Mastery-Passive
Increases defense ignore rate of blunt weapon

Same this as always, you have your class type skill as the first mastery, while you have three other masteries to choose from if you like Sword, Axe, or Blunt styles. But always max out your class base skill, for Tankers their shield is their life line, try your best to obtain Rare equipment (Which is the highest type you can receive without any luck modifiers)

Ranged attacks on enemies with rifle

Insnare Shot-Action
Attack enemies with a special bullet

Rapid Fire-Action
Maximizes shooting speed

Shoots all enemies

Whether you're the Tanker class or the Warrior class, you should not spend any points on these skills, use the rifle to pull single mobs from a pack (If the are too strong, and beware pack aggressive mobs where if you anger one, they all come after you) or to finish off mobs that run away if none are in the way.

Equipment Switch-Action
Immediately switches 1 and 2 weapon sets

Same old, you can switch weapon/shield loadout but you'll need two shields for this, which is kinda a space killer when you're managing yourself and your pet (If you have one)

Bash-Finish Blow
A power cleave over enemies

War Stomp-Finish Blow
A cleave to stun enemies ahead

Shield Spin-Finish Blow
A cleave known to down surrounding enemies

Bash is the only skill that's common between the three classes, and it should have a minimum of 5 points on it (Being the required amount for the next skill) The main difference between these finishing skills and the other two classes finishing skills is Tankers' focuses on Status rather than Damage. You can damage with Bash, stun with War Stomp and knock down mobs with Shield Spin. Two of three leaves your opponents unable to move or attack.

Recovers HP at every certain period of time.

Increases vitality

Releases status effects every certain period of time

Breath Wilderness-Passive
Increases resistance to fire, coldness, and electricity

Health recovers, increase the amount of your Hp pool, a buff which removes de-buffs and finally a passive resistance to the three elements in Wild Frontier. Neither the other two have skills like these, and this is why the Tanker class is most commonly known as the starter class. It's very easy for you to just sit there even at low levels, and be right as rain in the middle of a boss battle. These skills make the gameplay a bit too easy where it seems cheap. So don't spend too many points on these, but they are the most recommended no matter what

Attacks all enemies within a broad range

Recovers spirit when hit after shouting

Reflects damage to enemies that attack you

Guardian Chain-Super Chain
Enables all skills in invincible state

Shout is a pretty good pull skill, pretty good as in overpowered when farming maps full of mobs. If you think you can handle an entire map use it, but just be aware the mobs will surround you. Best spot to make a stand is in a small ally-way, so they run towards you in a stream. The bonus is after a shout you recover SP so you can use shout as a small SP pot to use a skill or shout again after the cooldown. Thorn does reflect damage, but not all of it, element damage does not reflect but physical does. So most boss battles (Espescially the last one Diablo) you will need strategy. Guardian is your Super Chain, I do not like them much so I can't really say, though it is a good combo skill.

Crushing Blow-Chain
Strikes enemies to incur stun.

Shield Strike-Chain
Knocks down enemies with a shield

Just your typical stun skills/attacks, handy for powerful mini-bosses, not sure if stun works on bosses. I'd place at the minimum amount for the next skill since they are quite useful

Mutilate:-Timing Chain
Counterattacks after dodging to weaken attack power

Possible to mutilate with critical blow

Shield Block-Charge Action
Completely defends the body with the shield

Defense Training-Passive
Increases Defense power

Awesome skills, since they are more about stopping the opponent from attacking than just regular stun. Shield masteries no matter if it's the block rate or it's stopping power, max them. You're an Tank, what else should you be doing besides holding against the 'impossible' odds

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  1. As for shield spin, damn that skill is really good but hard to use at times cuz some of its hits would miss so you need good timing to use it, I'm using a tanker and a scout as of now, ive left out my warrior ahehe :)

    try investing a bit in Concentration, to save up some mana pots, and rather not using them at all specially on mobs,

    Disarm is kinda helpful at times when u really need the damage, mostly that critical hit,

    a level 1 purify is enough if u need it to remove that o so cursed frost debuff

    the combo for Guardian chain is, use all ur skills on the enemy, then use guardian chain to remove the cooldown, then use those skills again

    Shield block is also a bit helpful when ur HP is kinda low, and that damned HP pots is still in cooldown, try to hold that so you wont take that damage and buy you some little time, but i think you got the talent to run away if needed, but its still a useful skill if used properly